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Català > 2 sentits de la paraula desistir:
VERBconsumptiondesistir, abstenir-se, deixarchoose not to consume
competitiondesistir, abandonar, deixar, llençar la tovallola, rendir-se, retirar-segive up in the face of defeat of lacking hope
Català > desistir: 2 sentits > verb 1, consumption
Sentitchoose not to consume.
Sinònimsabstenir-se, deixar
Específicdejunarabstain from certain foods, as for religious or medical reasons
dejunarabstain from eating
eludir, evitar, no provarRefrain from certain foods or beverages
Contrariconsumir, ingerir, prendreServe oneself to, or consume regularly
Anglèsabstain, refrain, desist
Espanyolabstenerse, dejar, desistir, inhibirse
Nomsabstenció, abstencionisme, abstinènciaThe trait of abstaining (especially from alcohol)
abstinentA person who refrains from drinking intoxicating beverages
ascetasomeone who practices self denial as a spiritual discipline / discipline
Català > desistir: 2 sentits > verb 2, competition
SentitGive up in the face of defeat of lacking hope; admit defeat.
Sinònimsabandonar, deixar, llençar la tovallola, rendir-se, retirar-se
Contrariintervenir, participarBecome a participant
Anglèsdrop out, give up, fall by the wayside, drop by the wayside, throw in, throw in the towel, quit, chuck up the sponge
Espanyolabandonar, arrojar la toalla, dejar, desistir, rendirse, retirarse, tirar la toalla

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