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Español > 3 sentidos de la palabra potable:
ADJETIVOallpotable, corriente, manante, que fluye, que mana(of fluids) moving or issuing in a stream
allpotablesuitable for drinking
NOMBREfoodpotable, beber, bebida, bebidas, tragoany liquid / liquid suitable for drinking
Español > potable: 3 sentidos > adjetivo 1
Sentido(of fluids) moving or issuing in a stream.
Sinónimoscorriente, manante, que fluye, que mana
Específicochorreadopropelled violently in a usually narrow stream
Español > potable: 3 sentidos > adjetivo 2
SentidoSuitable for drinking.
ContrarioimbebibleUnsuitable for drinking
Inglésdrinkable, potable
Nombresbeber, bebida, bebidas, potable, tragoAny liquid / liquid suitable for drinking
Español > potable: 3 sentidos > nombre 1, food
SentidoAny liquid / liquid suitable for drinking.
Sinónimosbeber, bebida, bebidas, trago
Específicoade, bebida de frutas, jugo Ade, refresco de frutaA sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juice
agua potablewater suitable for drinking
alcohol, bebida alcohólicaA liquor or brew containing alcohol as the active agent
bebedizo, brebaje, brevaje, hierba, pócima, poción, yerbaA medicinal or magical or poisonous beverage
bebida de fantasia, bebida, gaseosa, refresco, sodanonalcoholic beverage (usually carbonated)
café, cafeto, javaA beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans
champán, gaseosaAn effervescent beverage (usually alcoholic)
chocolate caliente, chocolate deshecho, chocolateA beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar
combinadoclub soda or fruit juice used to mix with alcohol
enomiel, oenomelwine mixed with honey
gaseosa de jengibrecarbonated slightly alcoholic drink flavored with fermented ginger
granizadoAn iced drink especially white wine and fruit juice
hidromielhoney diluted in water
jugo de fruta, zumo de fruta, zumodrink produced by squeezing or crushing / crushing fruit
lecheA white nutritious liquid / liquid secreted by mammals and used as food by human beings
mateSouth American tea-like drink made from leaves of a South American holly called mate
sidra, sidrinaA beverage made from juice pressed from apples
A beverage made by steeping tea leaves in water
Generalalimento, alimentos, comida, nutriente, nutrimento, sustentoAny substance that can be metabolized by an animal to give energy and build tissue
líquidoA substance that is liquid / liquid at room temperature and pressure
Inglésbeverage, drink, drinkable, potable
Catalánbeguda, potable
AdjetivopotableSuitable for drinking
Verbosbeber, tomartake in liquids / liquids

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