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English > 1 sense of the expression white wine:
NOUNfoodwhite winepale yellowish wine made from white grapes or red grapes with skins removed before fermentation
English > white wine: 1 sense > noun 1, food
Meaningpale yellowish wine made from white grapes or red grapes with skins removed before fermentation.
NarrowerCanary wineA sweet white wine from the Canary Islands
Chablis, white Burgundydry white table wine of Chablis, France or a wine resembling it
Chardonnay, Pinot Chardonnaydry white table wine resembling Chablis but made from Chardonnay grapes
Chenin blancmade in California and the Loire valley in France
MontrachetA white Burgundy wine
MoselleGerman white wine from the Moselle valley or a similar wine made elsewhere
Muscadetdry white wine from the Loire valley in France
Pinot blancdry white California table wine made from white Pinot grapes
Rhine wine, Rhenish, hockAny of several white wines from the Rhine River valley in Germany ('hock' is British usage)
Sauterne, Sauternessemisweet golden-colored table or dessert wine from around Bordeaux in France
Sauvignon blancA California wine
Soavedry white Italian wine from Verona
VerdicchioA dry white Italian wine made from Verdicchio grapes
VouvrayA dry white French wine (either still or sparkling) made in the Loire valley
YquemA sweet white French wine
sackAny of various light dry strong white wine from Spain and Canary Islands (including sherry)
Broaderwine, vinofermented juice (of grapes especially)
Spanishvino blanco
Catalanvi blanc

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