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Español > 3 sentidos de la palabra peces:
NOMBREanimalpeces, pescado, pez, piscesany of various mostly cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates usually having scales and breathing through gills
animalpecesany of various genus of fish
animalpecesany of various families of fish
Español > peces: 3 sentidos > nombre 1, animal
SentidoAny of various mostly cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates usually having scales and breathing through gills.
Sinónimospescado, pez, pisces
Miembro debanco, cardumenA large group of fish
piscisA group of vertebrates comprising both cartilaginous and bony fishes and sometimes including the jawless vertebrates
Partesaletaorgan of locomotion and balance in fishes and some other aquatic animals
aleta caudalThe tail of fishes and some other aquatic vertebrates
espinaA bone of a fish
lechaseminal fluid produced by male fish
EspecíficoalevínA fish that is young
organismo bentónico, pez de fondoA fish that lives and feeds on the bottom of a body of water
pescadoAny fish used for food by human beings
pez cartilagíneofishes in which the skeleton may be calcified but not ossified
Generalvertebrado acuáticoanimal living wholly or chiefly in or on water
Verbosfaenar, pescarcatch or try to catch fish or shellfish
pescarseek indirectly
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SentidoAny of various genus of fish.
Miembro devertebradosfishes
EspecíficoAlosa, género Alosa, genus alosashad
Amia, amia, género Amia, genus amiatype genus of the Amiidae
Anguila, anguilla, Anguilla, género Anguilla, genus anguillatype genus of the Anguillidae
Brama, brama, género Brama, genus bramatype genus of the Bramidae
Clupea, clupea, género Clupea, genus clupeatype genus of the Clupeidae
Engraulis, género Engraulistype genus of the family Engraulidae
abramis, genus abramisEuropean fishes
abudefduf, genus abudefdufdamsel fishes
acanthocybium, Acanthocybium, género Acanthocybium, genus acanthocybiumwahoos
acanthurus, Acanthurus, género Acanthurus, genus acanthurustype genus of the Acanthuridae
achoerodus, genus achoerodusA genus of Labridae
acipenser, Acipenser, género Acipenser, genus acipensertype genus of the Acipenseridae
aetobatus, genus aetobatusA genus of Myliobatidae
agonus, Agonus, género Agonus, genus agonustype genus of the Agonidae
albula, genus albulatype and sole genus of the family Albulidae
alectis, genus alectisA genus of Carangidae
alepisaurus, genus alepisaurusslender scaleless predaceous tropical deep-sea fishes
alopius, genus alopiustype genus of the family Alopiidae
ambloplites, genus ambloplitesA genus of Centrarchidae
ameiurus, Ameiurus, género Ameiurus, genus ameiurustype genus of the Ameiuridae
ammodytes, Ammodytes, género Ammodytes, genus ammodytestype genus of the Ammodytidae
amphiprion, genus amphipriondamsel fishes
anarhichas, Anarhichas, género Anarhichas, genus anarhichastype genus of the Anarhichadidae
anisotremus, genus anisotremusA genus of Haemulidae
antigonia, genus antigoniaA genus of fish in the family Caproidae
apogon, Apogon, género Apogon, genus apogontype genus of the Apogonidae
archosargus, genus archosargusA genus of Sparidae
argentina, Argentina, género Argentina, genus argentinatype genus of the Argentinidae
ariomma, Ariomma, genus ariommaA genus of Stromateidae
arius, Arius, género Arius, genus ariustype genus of the Ariidae
aspidophoroides, Aspidophoroides, género Aspidophoroides, genus aspidophoroidesalligatorfishes
astropogon, genus astropogonA genus of fish of the family Apogonidae
atherinopsis, genus atherinopsisA genus of Atherinidae
aulostomus, Aulostomus, género Aulostomus, genus aulostomustype genus of the Aulostomidae
bairdiella, Bairdiella, género Bairdiella, genus bairdielladrumfish
balistes, Balistes, género Balistes, genus balistestype genus of the Balistidae
blennius, Blennius, género Blennius, genus blenniustype genus of the Blenniidae
brevoortia, Brevoortia, género Brevoortia, genus brevoortiamenhaden
brosmius, Brosmius, género Brosmius, genus browmiuscusk
calamus, genus calamusA genus of Sparidae
capros, genus caprosA genus of fish in the family Caproidae
caranx, Caranx, género Caranx, genus caranxtype genus of the Carangidae
carassius, Carassius, género Carassius, genus carassiusgoldfish
carcharhinus, Carcharhinus, género Carcharhinus, genus carcharhinustype genus of the Carcharhinidae
carcharias, genus carcharias, genus odontaspis, odontaspistype and sole genus of Carchariidae
carcharodon, genus carcharodonman-eating sharks
catostomus, Catostomus, género Catostomus, genus catostomustype genus of the family Catostomidae
centropomus, Centropomus, género Centropomus, genus centropomustype genus of the Centropomidae
centropristis, Centropristis, género Centropristis, genus centropristissea basses
cetorhinus, Cetorhinus, genus cetorhinusComprising only the basking sharks
chaenopsis, genus chaenopsisA genus of fish of the family Clinidae including pikeblennies
chaetodipterus, genus chaetodipterusA genus of Ephippidae
chilomycterus, Chilomycterus, género Chilomycterus, genus chilomycterusburrfishes
chrysophrys, genus chrysophrysAustralian snapper
citharichthys, genus citharichthysA genus of Bothidae
coregonus, Coregonus, género Coregonus, genus coregonustype genus of the Coregonidae
cosmocampus, genus cosmocampusA genus of fish in the family Syngnathidae
cottus, Cottus, género Cottus, genus cottustype genus of the Cottidae
cryptacanthodes, genus cryptacanthodesA genus of Stichaeidae
cyclopterus, Cyclopterus, género Cyclopterus, genus cyclopterustype genus of the Cyclopteridae
cynoscion, Cynoscion, género Cynoscion, genus cynoscionsea trout
cyprinus, Cyprinus, género Cyprinus, genus cyprinustype genus of the family Cyprinidae
dactylopterus, genus dactylopterusA genus of Dactylopteridae
dasyatis, Dasyatis, género Dasyatis, genus dasyatistype genus of the Dasyatidae
decapterus, Decapterus, género Decapterus, genus decapterusscads especially mackerel scad
diodon, Diodon, género Diodon, genus diodontype genus of the Diodontidae
echeneis, Echeneis, género Echeneis, genus echeneistype genus of the Echeneididae
elagatis, genus elagatisA genus of Carangidae
electrophorus, Electrophorus, género Electrophorus, genus electrophorustype genus of the family Electrophoridae
elops, Elops, género Elops, genus elopstype genus of the Elopidae
epinephelus, genus epinephelusgenus of groupers or sea bass
equetus, Equetus, género Equetus, genus equetusdrumfish
esox, genus esoxtype and only genus of the family Esocidae
etropus, genus etropusA genus of Bothidae
eucinostomus, genus eucinostomusA genus of Gerreidae
euthynnus, genus euthynnusA genus of Scombridae
fistularia, Fistularia, género Fistularia, genus fistulariatype genus of the family Fistulariidae
fundulus, Fundulus, género Fundulus, genus funduluskillifish
gadus, Gadus, género Gadus, genus gadustype genus of the Gadidae
galeocerdo, Galeocerdo, género Galeocerdo, genus galeocerdotiger sharks
galeorhinus, Galeorhinus, genus galeorhinusA genus of Carcharhinidae
gambusia, Gambusia, género Gambusia, genus gambusiamosquitofish
gasterosteus, Gasterosteus, género Gasterosteus, genus gasterosteustype genus of the family Gasterosteidae
gempylus, Gempylus, género Gempylus, genus gempylustype genus of the Gempylidae
genus ceratodustype genus of the Ceratodontidae
genus eptatretusA genus of fossil fish of the family Myxinidae
genus genyonemus, genyonemusA genus of Sciaenidae
genus gonorhynchus, gonorhynchusslender cylindrical marine fishes lacking air bladders and teeth
genus gymnelis, gymnelisA genus of Zoarcidae
genus halicoeres, halicoeresA genus of Labridae
genus hexanchus, hexanchusA genus of Hexanchidae
genus hippoglossoides, hippoglossoidesA genus of Pleuronectidae
genus hipsurus, hipsurusA genus of Embiotocidae
genus hypentelium, hypenteliumA genus of fish in the family Catostomidae
genus hyperoglyphe, hyperoglypheA genus of Stromateidae
genus katsuwonus, katsuwonusoceanic bonitos
genus krypterophaneron, krypterophaneronA genus of fish in the family Anomalopidae
genus lachnolaimus, lachnolaimusA genus of Labridae
genus lactophrys, lactophrysA genus of Ostraciidae
genus lagodon, lagodonA genus of Sparidae
genus lamna, lamnaA genus of Lamnidae
genus lepidocybium, lepidocybium, LepidocybiumA genus of Gempylidae
genus lepomis, lepomisBream
genus leuciscus, leuciscusA genus of fish including
genus limanda, limandaA genus of Pleuronectidae
genus lopholatilus, lopholatiluslarge brightly colored food fish of deep Atlantic waters
genus lumpenus, lumpenusA genus of Stichaeidae
genus lutjanus, lutjanustype genus of the Lutjanidae
genus macrozoarces, macrozoarcesA genus of Zoarcidae
genus mantaA genus of Mobulidae
genus maxostoma, maxostomaA genus of fish in the family Catostomidae
genus menticirrhus, menticirrhuskingfishes
genus merlangus, merlanguswhitings / whitings / whitings / whitings / whitings / whitings
genus micropterus, micropterusAmerican freshwater black basses
genus microstomus, microstomusA genus of Pleuronectidae
genus mollienesia, mollienesiaMollies
genus morone, moronecarnivorous fresh and salt water fishes
genus mulloidichthys, mulloidichthysA genus of Mullidae
genus naucrates, naucratesA genus of Carangidae
genus neoceratodus, neoceratodusextant Australian lungfishes
genus ocyurus, ocyurusSnappers
genus ophiodon, ophiodonA genus of Ophiodontidae
genus orthopristis, orthopristisA genus of Haemulidae
genus oxylebius, oxylebiusA genus of Hexagrammidae
genus pagrus, pagrusA genus of Sparidae
genus palometaA genus of Stromateidae
genus paprilus, paprilusA genus of Stromateidae
genus paracheirodon, paracheirodonA genus of Characidae
genus paralichthys, paralichthysA genus of Bothidae
genus paranthias, paranthiasA genus of Serranidae
genus parophrys, parophrysA genus of Soleidae
genus percina, percinaA genus of Percidae
genus periophthalmus, periophthalmusA genus of Gobiidae
genus peristedion, peristedionIn some classifications the type genus of the subfamily Peristediinae
genus photoblepharon, photoblepharonA genus of fish in the family Anomalopidae
genus platichthys, platichthysA genus of Pleuronectidae
genus polydactylus, polydactylusA genus of Polynemidae
genus pomolobus, pomolobusgenus to which the alewife is sometimes assigned
genus poronotus, poronotusA genus of Stromateidae
genus prionotus, prionotusA genus of Triglidae
genus psenes, psenesA genus of Stromateidae
genus psephurus, psephurusA genus of Polyodontidae
genus psetta, psettaA genus of Bothidae
genus psettichthys, psettichthysA genus of Soleidae
genus pseudopleuronectes, pseudopleuronectesA genus of Pleuronectidae
genus rachycentron, rachycentron, Rachycentrongenus and family are coextensive and comprise only the cobia
genus remilegia, remilegiaA genus of Echeneididae
genus rhinoptera, rhinopteraA genus of Myliobatidae
genus roccus, roccusA genus of Serranidae
genus rypticus, rypticusA genus of fish of the family Serranidae, including soapfishes
genus scartella, scartellaA genus of Blenniidae
genus sciaenops, sciaenopsA genus of Sciaenidae
genus scomberesox, genus scombresox, scomberesox, scombresoxA genus of Scomberesocidae
genus scophthalmus, scophthalmusA genus of Bothidae
genus selar, selarbig-eyed scad
genus selene, seleneA genus of Carangidae
genus seriola, seriolaA genus of Carangidae
genus seriphus, seriphusA genus of Sciaenidae
genus serranus, serranustype genus of the Serranidae
genus sphyraena, sphyraenatype and sole genus of the Sphyraenidae
genus synagrops, synagropsA genus of Serranidae
genus tautogolabrus, tautogolabrusA genus of Labridae
genus tetragonurus, tetragonurusA genus of Stromateidae
genus tetrapturus, tetrapturusA genus of Istiophoridae
genus thalassoma, thalassomaA genus of Labridae
genus thunnus, thunnustunas / tunas
genus tilapia, tilapiaA genus of Cichlidae
genus trachinotus, trachinotusA genus of Carangidae
genus trachurus, trachurusThe scads (particularly horse mackerels)
genus triaenodon, triaenodonA genus of Triakidae
genus trinectes, trinectesA genus of Soleidae
géero Pagellus, genus pagellus, pagellus, Pagellussea breams
género Anomalops, genus anomalopstype genus of the family Anomalopidae
género Chaetodon, genus chaetodontype genus of the Chaetodontidae
género Chimaera, genus chimaeratype genus of the Chimaeridae
género Gerres, genus gerres, gerres, Gerrestype genus of the Gerreidae
género Ginglymostoma, genus ginglymostoma, ginglymostoma, Ginglymostomanurse sharks
género Gobiesox, genus gobiesox, gobiesox, Gobiesoxtype genus of the Gobiesocidae
género Gobio, genus gobio, Gobio, gobiotrue gudgeons
género Gymnura, genus gymnura, gymnura, Gymnurabutterfly rays
género Haemulon, genus haemulon, haemulon, Haemulontype genus of the Haemulidae
género Hemigrammus, genus hemigrammus, hemigrammus, Hemigrammustetras
género Hemipteronatus, genus hemipteronatus, hemipteronatus, Hemipteronatusrazor fish
género Hemitripterus, genus hemitripterus, hemitripterus, Hemitripterussea ravens
género Hexagrammos, genus hexagrammos, hexagrammos, Hexagrammostype genus of the Hexagrammidae
género Hippocampus, genus hippocampus, hippocampus, Hippocampusseahorses
género Hippoglossus, genus hippoglossus, hippoglossus, Hippoglossushalibuts
género Holocentrus, genus holocentrus, holocentrus, Holocentrustype genus of the family Holocentridae
género Ictalurus, genus ictalurus, ictalurus, Ictaluruschannel catfishes
género Ictiobus, genus ictiobus, ictiobus, Ictiobusbuffalo fishes
género Istiophorus, genus istiophorus, Istiophorus, istiophorustype genus of the Istiophoridae
género Isurus, genus isurus, isurus, Isurusmako sharks
género Jordanella, genus jordanella, jordanella, Jordanellaflagfishes
género Kyphosus, genus kyphosus, kyphosus, Kyphosustype genus of the Kyphosidae
género Lampris, genus lampris, Lampris, lampristype genus of the Lampridae
género Latimeria, genus latimeria, latimeria, Latimeriatype genus of the Latimeridae
género Lebistes, genus lebistes, lebistes, Lebistesguppies
género Lepisosteus, genus lepisosteus, lepisosteus, Lepisosteustype genus of the Lepisosteidae
género Liparis, genus liparis, Liparis, liparistype genus of the Liparididae
género Lobotes, genus lobotes, lobotes, Lobotestype genus of the Lobotidae
género Lophius, Lophiustype genus of family Lophiidae
género Lota, genus lota, Lota, lotaburbot
género Luvarus, genus luvarus, luvarus, Luvarustype genus of the Luvaridae
género Makaira, genus makaira, makaira, Makairamarlins
género Mallotus, genus mallotus, mallotus, Mallotuscapelins
género Malopterurus, genus malopterurus, malopterurus, Malopteruruselectric catfish
género Melanogrammus, genus melanogrammus, melanogrammus, Melanogrammushaddock
género Merluccius, genus merluccius, merluccius, Merlucciushakes
género Micropogonias, genus micropogonias, micropogonias, Micropogoniascroakers
género Mobula, genus mobula, mobula, Mobulatype genus of the Mobulidae
género Mola, genus molatype genus of the Molidae
género Molva, genus molva, molva, Molvaling
género Monocanthus, genus monocanthus, monocanthus, Monocanthustype genus of the Monocanthidae
género Mugil, genus mugil, mugil, Mugiltype genus of the Mugilidae
género Mullus, genus mullus, mullus, Mullustype genus of the Mullidae
género Mustelus, genus mustelus, mustelus, Mustelussmooth dogfishes
género Mycteroperca, genus mycteroperca, mycteroperca, Mycteropercagroupers
género Myxine, genus myxine, mixino, myxinetype genus of the Myxinidae (typical hagfishes)
género Myxinikela, genus myxinikela, myxinikela, Myxinikelafossil hagfishes
género Myxocephalus, genus myxocephalus, myxocephalus, Myxocephalusgrubby
género Negaprion, genus negaprion, negaprion, Negaprionlemon sharks
género Notemigonus, genus notemigonus, notemigonus, Notemigonusgolden shiners
género Notropis, genus notropis, notropis, Notropisshiners
género Oligoplites, genus oligoplites, oligoplites, Oligoplitesleatherjackets
género Orectolobus, genus orectolobus, orectolobus, Orectolobuscarpet sharks
género Osmerus, genus osmerus, osmerus, Osmerustype genus of the Osmeridae
género Perca, genus perca, Percatype genus of the Percidae
género Petromyzon, genus petromyzon, petromyzon, Petromyzontypical lampreys
género Pholis, genus pholis, pholis, Pholistype genus of the Pholidae
género Phoxinus, genus phoxinus, phoxinus, Phoxinusminnows
género Platypoecilus, genus platypoecilus, platypoecilus, Platypoecilusplatys
género Pleuronectes, genus pleuronectes, pleuronectes, Pleuronectestype genus of the Pleuronectidae
género Pollachius, genus pollachius, pollachius, Pollachiuspollack
género Polyodon, genus polyodon, polyodon, Polyodontype genus of the Polyodontidae
género Polyprion, genus polyprion, polyprion, Polyprionwreckfish
género Pomacanthus, genus pomacanthus, pomacanthus, Pomacanthusangelfishes
género Pomacentrus, genus pomacentrus, pomacentrus, Pomacentrustype genus of the Pomacentridae
género Pomatomus, genus pomatomus, pomatomus, Pomatomustype genus of the Pomatomidae
género Pomoxis, genus pomoxis, pomoxis, Pomoxiscrappies
género Priacanthus, genus priacanthus, priacanthus, Priacanthustype genus of the Priacanthidae
género Prionace, genus prionace, prionace, Prionaceblue sharks
género Pristis, genus pristis, pristis, Prististype genus of the Pristidae
género Prosopium, genus prosopium, prosopium, Prosopiumwhitefishes
género Pterois, genus pterois, pterois, Pteroislionfishes
género Pylodictus, genus pylodictus, pylodictus, Pylodictusflathead catfishes
género Raja, genus raja, Rajatype genus of the family Rajidae
género Reglaecus, genus regalecus, reglaecus, Reglaecustype genus of the Regalecidae
género Rhincodon, genus rhincodon, rhincodon, Rhincodonwhale sharks
género Rivulus, genus rivuluskillifish
género Rutilus, genus rutilus, rutilus, Rutilusroaches
género Salmo, genus salmo, Salmo, salmotype genus of the Salmonidae
género Salvelinus, genus salvelinus, salvelinus, Salvelinusbrook trout
género Sarda, genus sarda, Sarda, sardabonitos
género Sardina, género Sardinia, genus sardina, genus sardinia, Sardinapilchards
género Sardinops, genus sardinops, sardinops, Sardinopspilchards
género Scardinius, genus scardinius, scardinius, Scardiniusrudds
género Sciaena, genus sciaena, sciaena, Sciaenatype genus of the Sciaenidae
género Scomber, genus scomber, scomber, Scombertype genus of the Scombridae
género Scomberomorus, genus scomberomorus, scomberomorus, ScomberomorusSpanish mackerels
género Scualus, genus squalus, Scualus, squalusspiny dogfishes
género Sebastodes, genus sebastodes, sebastodes, Sebastodesrockfishes
género Serrasalmus, genus serrasalmus, serrasalmus, Serrasalmuspiranhas
género Sillago, genus sillago, sillago, Sillagotype genus of the Sillaginidae
género Silurus, genus silurus, silurus, Silurustype genus of the Siluridae
género Solea, genus solea, solea, Soleatype genus of the Soleidae
género Sphyrna, genus sphyrna, sphyrna, Sphyrnatype genus of the Sphyrnidae
género Squatina, genus squatina, squatina, Squatinatype genus of the Squatinidae
género Stenotomus, genus stenotomus, stenotomus, Stenotomusscups / scups
género Stizostedion, genus stizostedion, stizostedion, Stizostedionpike-perches
género Synanceja, genus synanceja, synanceja, Synancejastonefishes
género Syngnathus, genus syngnathus, syngnathus, Syngnathustype genus of the family Syngnathidae
género Tarpon, genus tarpontarpons
género Tautoga, genus tautoga, tautoga, Tautogatautogs
género Tinca, genus tinca, tinca, Tincatench
género Toxotes, genus toxotes, toxotes, Toxotestype genus of the Toxotidae
género Trachipterus, genus trachipterus, trachipterus, Trachipterustype genus of the Trachipteridae
género Triga, genus triga, triga, Trigatype genus of the Triglidae
género Umbrina, genus umbrina, umbrina, Umbrinacroakers
género Urophycis, genus urophycis, urophycis, Urophycishakes
género Xiphias, genus xiphias, xiphias, Xiphiastype genus of the Xiphiidae
género Xyphophorus, genus xyphophorus, xyphophorus, Xyphophorusswordtails
género Zeus, genus zeus, zeus, Zeustype genus of the family Zeidae
género Zoarces, genus zoarces, zoarces, Zoarcestype genus of the Zoarcidae
génro Scorpaena, genus scorpaena, scorpaena, Scorpaenatype genus of the Scorpaenidae
Generalgénero(biology) taxonomic group containing one or more species
Inglésfish genus
Catalángènere de peixos, peixos
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SentidoAny of various families of fish.
Miembro devertebradosfishes
EspecíficoAcanthuridae, familia Acanthuridaesurgeonfishes
Acipenseridae, acipenséridos, familia Acipenseridaesturgeons
Agonidae, familia Agonidaepoachers
Albulidae, albúlidos, familia Albulidaebonefish
Alopiidae, familia Alopiidaethresher sharks
Ameiuridae, familia AmeiuridaeNorth American catfishes
Ammodytidae, familia Ammodytidaesand lances
Anarhichadidae, familia Anarhichadidaewolffishes
Ariidae, familia Ariidaesea catfishes
Aulostomidae, familia Aulostomidaetrumpetfishes
Balistidae, balístidos, familia Balistidaetriggerfishes
Batrachoididae, familia Batrachoididaetoadfishes
Caproidae, familia Caproidaeboarfishes
Carapidae, familia Carapidaepearlfishes
Centriscidae, familia Centriscidaeshrimpfishes
CetorhinidaeIn some older classifications considered the family of the basking sharks
Chaetodontidae, familia Chaetodontidaebutterfly fishes
Characinidae, familia Characinidaeformer name of the Characidae
Cichlidae, cíclidos, familia Cichlidaecichlids
Clupeidae, clupeidos, familia Clupeidaeherrings
Cobitidae, familia Cobitidaeloaches
Congridae, cóngridos, familia Congridaemarine eels
Cottidae, familia Cottidaesculpins
Cyclopteridae, familia Cyclopteridaelumpfishes
Cynoglossidae, familia Cynoglossidaetonguefishes
Dasyatidae, familia Dasyatidaesting rays
Diodontidae, diodóntidos, familia Diodontidaespiny puffers
Eleotridae, familia Eleotridaesleepers
Elopidae, elópidos, familia Elopidaetarpons and ladyfishes
Engraulidae, engráulidos, familia Engraulidaeanchovies
Esocidae, esócidos, familia Esocidaepikes
Pristidaelarge primitive rays with elongated snouts
Rachycentridaefamily of pelagic fishes containing solely the cobia
Sphyraenidaemonotypic family of large active fishes of tropical and subtropical waters
XiphiidaeComprising the common swordfishes
anguílidoseels that live in fresh water as adults but return to the sea to spawn
aterínidossmall spiny-finned fishes of both salt and fresh water
blénidosA family of fish including
brámidosDeep-bodied percoid fishes of the open / open seas
calionímidos, Callionymidae, familia Callionymidaedragonets
carángidoslarge family of narrow-bodied marine food fishes with widely forked tails
centrárquidossunfish family
ciprinodóntidoslarge family of small soft-finned fishes
ciprínidosA family of fish including
dactiloptéridos, Dactylopteridae, familia Dactylopteridaeflying gurnards
dactiloscópidos, Dactyloscopidae, familia Dactyloscopidaesand stargazers
equeneídidosfishes having a sucking disk on the head for clinging to other fishes and to ships
escorpénidos, familia Scorpaenidae, Scorpaenidaescorpionfishes
escáridos, familia Scaridae, Scaridaeparrotfishes
escómbridos, familia Scombridae, Scombridaemarine food fishes
espáridos, familia Sparidae, Sparidaeporgies
familia Fistulariidae, Fistulariidaecornetfishes
familia Gasterosteidae, Gasterosteidae, gasterosteídossticklebacks
familia Gempylidae, Gempylidaesnake mackerels
familia Gerreidae, familia Gerridae, Gerreidae, Gerridaemojarras
familia Gobiesocidae, Gobiesocidaeclingfishes
familia Gobiidae, góbidos, Gobiidaegobies
familia Gonorhynchidae, Gonorhynchidaecoextensive with the genus Gonorhynchus
familia Haemulidae, Haemulidaegrunts
familia Hexagrammidae, Hexagrammidaegreenlings
familia Holocentridae, Holocentridaesquirrelfishes and soldierfishes
familia Istiophoridae, Istiophoridaesailfishes
familia Kyphosidae, Kyphosidaesea chubs
familia Labridae, Labridae, lábridoswrasses
familia Lampridae, Lampridae, lámpridosopahs
familia Laricariidae, Laricariidaearmored catfish
familia Liparidae, familia Liparididae, Liparidae, Liparididaesnailfishes
familia Lobotidae, Lobotidaetripletails
familia Lutjanidae, Lutjanidaesnappers
familia Luvaridae, Luvaridaelouvars
familia Macrorhamphosidae, Macrorhamphosidaebellows fishes
familia Macrouridae, familia Macruridae, Macrouridae, Macruridae, macrúridosgrenadiers
familia Microdesmidae, Microdesmidaeworm fish
familia Molidae, Molidaeocean sunfishes
familia Monocanthidae, Monocanthidae, monocántidosfilefishes
familia Mugilidae, Mugilidae, mugílidosGrey mullets
familia Mullidae, múlidos, Mullidaegoatfishes or red mullets
familia Muraenidae, Muraenidaemarine eels
familia Myliobatidae, miliobátidos, Myliobatidaeeagle rays
familia Opisthognathidae, Opisthognathidaejawfishes
familia Orectolobidae, Orectolobidaenurse sharks and carpet sharks
familia Osmeridae, Osmeridae, osméridossmelts
familia Ostraciidae, familia Ostraciontidae, Ostraciidaeboxfishes
familia Pempheridae, Pempheridaesweepers
familia Percidae, Percidaeactive freshwater fishes
familia Percophidae, Percophidaepercoid flatheads
familia Petromyzontidae, petromizóntidos, Petromyzontidaelampreys
familia Platycephalidae, platicefálidos, Platycephalidaescorpaenoid flatheads
familia Pleuronectidae, Pleuronectidaerighteye flounders
familia Poeciliidae, Poeciliidaetopminnows
familia Polynemidae, Polynemidaethreadfins
familia Polyodontidae, poliodóntidos, Polyodontidaepaddlefishes
familia Pomacentridae, Pomacentridae, pomacéntridosdamselfishes
familia Pomatomidae, Pomatomidaefood and game fishes related to pompanos
familia Regalecidae, Regalecidaeribbonfishes
familia Salmonidae, Salmonidae, salmónidossalmon and trout
familia Siluridae, Siluridae, silúridosOld World catfishes
familia Soleidade, Soleidadesoles
familia Sphyrnidae, Sphyrnidaehammerhead sharks
familia Squatinidae, Squatinidaebottom-dwelling ray-like sharks
familia Stichaeidae, Stichaeidaepricklebacks
familia Stromateidae, Stromateidaebutterfishes
familia Syngnathidae, singnátidos, Syngnathidaepipefishes
familia Torpedinidae, Torpedinidae, torpedínidoselectric rays
familia Toxotidae, Toxotidaearcherfishes
familia Trachipteridae, Trachipteridae, traquiptéridosribbonfishes
familia Trichiuridae, Trichiuridae, triquiúridoscutlassfishes
familia Ttetraodontidae, Tetraodontidae, tetraodóntidos, Ttetraodontidaepuffers
familia Uranoscopidae, Uranoscopidae, uranoscópidosstargazers
familia Zoarcidae, Zoarcidaeeelpouts
gádidoslarge family of important mostly marine food fishes
hexánquidosPrimitive sharks
isúridosIn some classifications another name for the family Lamnidae
lepisosteídosComprises the genus Lepisosteus
lámnidosOceanic sharks
mictófidosDeep-sea fishes comprising the lantern fishes
mobúlidoslarge rays lacking venomous spines
ofídidoseellike marine fishes
quiméridosA family of Holocephali
rinobátidosPrimitive rays with guitar-shaped bodies
serránidosmarine fishes
triáquidossmall sharks with smooth skins and lacking spines on their dorsal fins
tríglidosIn some classifications restricted to the gurnards and subdivided into the subfamilies Triglinae (true sea robins) and Peristediinae (armored sea robins)
Generalfamilia, família, familiar(biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more genera
Inglésfish family
Catalánfamília de peixos, peixos

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