HyperDic: zoarcidae

English > 1 sense of the word Zoarcidae:
NOUNanimalZoarcidae, family Zoarcidaeeelpouts
English > Zoarcidae: 1 sense > noun 1, animal
Synonymfamily Zoarcidae
Member ofBlennioidea, suborder Blennioideablennies
MembersGymnelis, genus GymnelisA genus of Zoarcidae
Macrozoarces, genus MacrozoarcesA genus of Zoarcidae
Zoarces, genus Zoarcestype genus of the Zoarcidae
eelpout, poutmarine eellike mostly bottom-dwelling fishes of northern seas
Broaderfish familyAny of various families of fish
Spanishfamilia Zoarcidae, Zoarcidae

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