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Español > 4 sentidos de la palabra mamíferos:
NOMBREanimalmamíferosa genus of mammals
animalmamíferos, mamífero, mammaliaany warm-blooded vertebrate having the skin more or less covered with hair
animalmamíferosa family of mammals
animalmamíferoswarm-blooded vertebrates characterized by mammary glands in the female
Español > mamíferos: 4 sentidos > nombre 1, animal
SentidoA genus of mammals.
Miembro devertebradosfishes
EspecíficoAlces, alces, género Alces, genus alcesElk or moose
Antilope, antilope, género Antilope, genus antilopeblackbucks
Cacajao, cacajao, género Cacajao, genus cacajaouakaris
Callicebus, callicebus, género Callicebus, genus callicebustitis
Callithrix, callithrix, género Callithrix, genus callithrixtype genus of the Callithricidae
Camelus, camelus, género Camelus, genus camelustype genus of the Camelidae
Castor, castor, género Castor, genus castortype genus of the Castoridae
Connochaetes, connochaetes, género Connochaetes, genus connochaetes(African antelopes) gnus
Cuniculus, cuniculus, género Cuniculus, genus cuniculuspacas
Dama, dama, género Dama, genus damafallow deer
abrocoma, Abrocoma, género Abrocoma, genus abrocomaabrocomes
acinonyx, Acinonyx, género Acinonyx, genus acinonyxcheetahs
acrobates, genus acrobatesA genus of Phalangeridae
adenota, Adenota, género Adenota, genus adenota(African antelopes) puku
aepyceros, Aepyceros, género Aepyceros, genus aepyceros(African antelopes) impalas
ailuropoda, genus ailuropodaOnly the giant panda
ailurus, Ailurus, género Ailurus, genus ailuruslesser pandas
alcelaphus, Alcelaphus, genus alcelaphus(African antelopes) hartebeests
algeripithecus, genus algeripithecusAn extinct genus of Hominoidea
alopex, Alopex, género Alopex, genus alopexArctic foxes
alouatta, Alouatta, género Alouatta, genus alouattahowler monkeys
ammotragus, Ammotragus, genus ammotragusgenus of wild sheep
antidorcas, Antidorcas, género Antidorcas, genus antidorcasspringboks
antilocapra, Antilocapra, genus antilocapratype and sole genus of the Antilocapridae comprising one species
antrozous, Antrozous, genus antrozousA genus of Vespertilionidae
aotus, Aotus, género Aotus, genus aotusdouroucoulis
aplodontia, Aplodontia, genus aplodontiatype genus of the Aplodontiidae
apodemus, Apodemus, género Apodemus, genus apodemusOld World field mice
archidiskidon, genus archidiskidonA genus of Elephantidae
arctictis, Arctictis, género Arctictis, genus arctictisbinturongs
arctocebus, genus arctocebusA genus of Lorisidae
arctocephalus, Arctocephalus, género Arctocephalus, genus arctocephalusfur seals
arctonyx, genus arctonyxA genus of Mustelidae
arvicola, genus arvicolaIn some classifications considered synonymous with Microtus
ateles, Ateles, género Ateles, genus atelesspider monkeys
atherurus, genus atherurusA genus of Hystricidae
avahi, genus avahiA genus of Indriidae
babyrousa, genus babyrousaA genus of Suidae
baiomys, Baiomys, género Baiomys, genus baiomyspygmy mice
balaena, Balaena, género Balaena, genus balaenatype genus of the Balaenidae
balaenoptera, Balaenoptera, género Balaenoptera, genus balaenopteratype genus of the Balaenopteridae
bassariscus, Bassariscus, género Bassariscus, genus bassariscuscacomistles
bathyergus, Bathyergus, género Bathyergus, genus bathyergusmole rats
bettongia, Bettongia, género Bettongia, genus bettongiajerboa kangaroo
bibos, Bibos, género Bibos, genus biboswild ox
blarina, Blarina, género Blarina, genus blarinashrews
bos, genus boswild and domestic cattle
boselaphus, Boselaphus, género Boselaphus, genus boselaphus(Indian antelopes) nilgais
bradypus, Bradypus, género Bradypus, genus bradypustype genus of the Bradypodidae
bubalus, genus bubalus, tribe bubalusIn some classification systems included in genus Bos
budorcas, Budorcas, género Budorcas, genus budorcasgnu goats
burmeisteria, genus burmeisteriaA genus of Dasypodidae
caenolestes, Caenolestes, género Caenolestes, genus caenolestestype genus of the family Caenolestidae
callorhinus, Callorhinus, género Callorhinus, genus callorhinusfur seals
canis, Canis, género Canis, genus canistype genus of the Canidae
capra, Capra, género Capra, genus capragoats
capreolus, Capreolus, género Capreolus, genus capreolusroe deer
capricornis, Capricornis, género Capricornis, genus capricornisserows
castoroides, genus castoroidesExtinct beavers of the Pleistocene
cavia, Cavia, género Cavia, genus caviatype genus of the Caviidae
cebuella, Cebuella, género Cebuella, genus cebuellapygmy marmosets
cebus, Cebus, género Cebus, genus cebustype genus of the Cebidae
ceratotherium, Ceratotherium, genus ceratotheriumAfrican genus
cercocebus, Cercocebus, género Cercocebus, genus cercocebusmangabeys
cercopithecus, Cercopithecus, género Cercopithecus, genus cercopithecustype genus of the Cercopithecidae
cervus, Cervus, género Cervus, genus cervusThe type genus of the Cervidae
charronia, genus charroniaA genus of Mustelidae
chlamyphorus, Chlamyphorus, género Chlamyphorus, genus chlamyphoruspichiciago
choeronycteris, genus choeronycterisA genus of Phyllostomatidae
choloepus, genus choloepusA genus of Megalonychidae consisting of the two-toed sloth
chrysochloris, Chrysochloris, género Chrysochloris, genus chrysochloristype genus of the Chrysochloridae
citellus, Citellus, género Citellus, género Spermophilus, genus citellus, genus spermophilus, spermophilus, Spermophilustypical ground squirrels
clethrionomys, genus clethrionomysA genus of Cricetidae
condylura, Condylura, género Condylura, genus condylurastar-nosed moles
conepatus, genus conepatusA genus of Mustelidae
conilurus, Conilurus, género Conilurus, genus conilurusjerboa rats
cricetus, Cricetus, género Cricetus, genus cricetustype genus of the Cricetidae
crocuta, Crocuta, genus crocutaA genus of Hyaenidae
cryptotis, Cryptotis, género Cryptotis, genus cryptotisleast shrews
cuon, cuón, cyon, Cyon, género Cuon, género Cyon, genus cuon, genus cyonAsiatic wild dog
cyclopes, genus cyclopesOnly the silky anteater
cynocephalus, Cynocephalus, género Cynocephalus, genus cynocephalustype genus of the family Cynocephalidae
cynomys, Cynomys, género Cynomys, genus cynomysprairie dogs
cynopterus, genus cynopterusA genus of Megachiroptera
cystophora, Cystophora, género Cystophora, genus cystophorahooded seals
damaliscus, Damaliscus, género Damaliscus, genus damaliscus(African antelopes) sassabies
dasyprocta, Dasyprocta, género Dasyprocta, genus dasyproctatype genus of the Dasyproctidae
dasypus, Dasypus, género Dasypus, genus dasypustype genus of the Dasypodidae
dasyurus, Dasyurus, género Dasyurus, genus dasyurustype genus of the family Dasyuridae
daubentonia, Daubentonia, género Daubentonia, genus daubentoniatype genus
delphinapterus, Delphinapterus, género Delphinapterus, genus delphinapteruswhite whale
delphinus, Delphinus, género Delphinus, genus delphinustype genus of the Delphinidae
dendrolagus, Dendrolagus, género Dendrolagus, genus dendrolagustree wallabies
desmodus, Desmodus, género Desmodus, genus desmodustype genus of the Desmodontidae
diceros, Diceros, genus dicerosMost common species in Africa
dicrostonyx, Dicrostonyx, género Dicrostonyx, genus dicrostonyxpied lemmings
didelphis, Didelphis, género Didelphis, genus didelphistype genus of the family Didelphidae
diphylla, Diphylla, género Diphylla, genus diphyllavampire bats
dipodomys, Dipodomys, género Dipodomys, genus dipodomyskangaroo rats
dipus, genus dipustype genus of the Dipodidae
dolichotis, Dolichotis, género Dolichotis, genus dolichotismaras
dryopithecus, genus dryopithecusgenus of Old World hominoids
dusicyon, Dusicyon, genus dusicyoncrab-eating dog
eira, genus eiraA genus of Mustelidae
elaphurus, Elaphurus, genus elaphurusA genus of Cervidae
elephas, Elephas, género Elephas, genus elephastype genus of the family Elephantidae
eliomys, Eliomys, género Eliomys, genus eliomyslerots
enhydra, Enhydra, género Enhydra, genus enhydrasea otters
eptesicus, genus eptesicusA genus of Vespertilionidae
equus, genus equustype genus of the Equidae
erethizon, Erethizon, genus erethizonA genus of Erethizontidae
erignathus, Erignathus, género Erignathus, genus erignathusbearded seals
erinaceus, Erinaceus, género Erinaceus, genus erinaceustype genus of the family Erinaceidae
erythrocebus, Erythrocebus, género Erythrocebus, genus erythrocebuspatas
eschrichtius, Eschrichtius, genus eschrichtiustype and sole genus of the Eschrichtiidae
euarctos, genus euarctosAmerican black bears
euderma, genus eudermaA genus of Vespertilionidae
eumetopias, Eumetopias, género Eumetopias, genus eumetopiassea lions
eumops, Eumops, género Eumops, genus eumopsmastiff bats
euphractus, genus euphractusA genus of Dasypodidae
eutamias, genus eutamiaschipmunks of western America and Asia
felis, genus felistype genus of the Felidae
gazella, Gazella, género Gazella, genus gazellatypical gazelles
genus addaxgenus of antelopes of northern African deserts
genus aegyptopithecusA genus of Hominoidea
genus anoaA genus of mammals of the family Bovidae
genus australopithecusExtinct genus of African hominid
genus bisonsometimes considered a subgenus of genus Bos
genus colobusA genus of Cercopithecidae
genus dugongtype genus of the Dugongidae comprising only the dugongs
genus grisonA genus of Mustelidae
genus gulo, guloA genus of Mustelidae
genus hydrochoerus, hydrochoerus, HydrochoerusA genus of Hydrochoeridae
genus hydrodamalis, hydrodamalis, HydrodamalisA genus of the family Dugongidae comprising only Steller's sea cow
genus hyracotherium, hyracotheriumExtinct horse genus
genus ictonyx, ictonyxA genus of Mustelidae
genus kenyapithecus, kenyapithecusExtinct primate having powerful chewing muscles along with large molars and small incisors
genus kogia, kogia, Kogiapygmy sperm whales
genus lagidium, lagidiumA genus of Chinchillidae
genus lasiurus, lasiurusA genus of Vespertilionidae
genus loxodonta, loxodontaA genus of Elephantidae
genus lufengpithecus, lufengpithecusA genus of Hominidae
genus lutra, lutraIn some classifications considered a genus of the subfamily Lutrinae
genus macrotis, macrotisA genus of Peramelidae
genus mammut, genus mastodon, mammut, MammutExtinct type genus of the Mammutidae
genus mammuthus, mammuthusExtinct genus
genus meles, melesIn some classifications
genus melogale, melogaleA genus of Mustelidae
genus melursus, melursus, Melursussloth bears
genus mephitis, mephitis, mofetaIn some classifications
genus meriones, merionesA genus of Cricetidae
genus mesohippusA genus of Equidae
genus mirounga, mirounga, Miroungaelephant seals
genus mus, mustype genus of the Muridae
genus muscardinus, muscardinus, MuscardinusA genus of Gliridae
genus mylodontype genus of the Mylodontidae
genus myocastor, myocastor, MyocastorA genus of Capromyidae
genus myopus, myopusA genus of Cricetidae
genus myotis, myotislargest and most widely distributed genus of bats
genus neofiber, neofiberround-tailed muskrat
genus neomys, neomysA genus of Soricidae
genus notoryctus, notoryctustype genus of the family Notoryctidae
genus nycticebus, nycticebusA genus of Lorisidae
genus onychogalea, onychogaleaA genus of Macropodidae
genus ouranopithecus, ouranopithecusA genus of Hominidae
genus ovibos, ovibos, OvibosConsisting of the musk-ox
genus ovis, ovisSheep
genus perodicticus, perodicticus, PerodicticusA genus of Lorisidae
genus petaurista, petauristaVery large Asiatic flying squirrels
genus petaurus, petaurusA genus of Phalangeridae
genus pipistrellus, pipistrellusnearly cosmopolitan genus of very small bats
genus plecotus, plecotusA genus of Vespertilionidae
genus potos, potosA genus of Procyonidae
genus proconsulgenus of extinct primitive African primates of the Miocene epoch
genus protohippusA genus of Equidae
genus pseudoryx, pseudoryx, Pseudoryxspecies of large cow-like mammals of Vietnam discovered by scientists in 1992
genus pteropus, pteropusA genus of Megachiroptera
genus rattus, rattusCommon house rats
genus selenarctos, selenarctosAsiatic black bears
genus sigmodon, sigmodonAmerican cotton rats
genus sivapithecusExtinct primates
genus spilogale, spilogaleA genus of Mustelidae
genus symphalangus, symphalangus, SymphalangusUsed in some classifications for the siamangs
genus tarsius, tarsiustype and sole genus of the family Tarsiidae
genus taurotragus, taurotragus, Taurotragus(African antelopes) elands
genus taxidea, taxidea, TaxideaIn some classifications considered a genus of subfamily Melinae
genus thalarctos, thalarctospolar bears
genus thomomys, thomomyswestern pocket gophers
genus tolypeutes, tolypeutesA genus of Dasypodidae
genus trichecus, trichechustype and sole genus of the Trichechidae
genus trichosurus, trichosurusA genus of Phalangeridae
genus trichys, trichys, TrichysA genus of Hystricidae
genus tupaia, tupaiaThe type genus of the Tupaia
genus tursiops, tursiopsA genus of Delphinidae
genus uintatherium, uintatheriumtype genus of the Uintatheriidae
genus ursus, ursustype genus of Ursidae
genus vespertilio, vespertilioA genus of Vespertilionidae
genus vicugna, vicugnaA genus of Camelidae
genus viverricula, viverriculaA genus of Viverridae
genus zaglossus, zaglossusA genus of Tachyglossidae
género Cabassous, genus cabassoussolely the tatouay
género Chinchilla, genus chinchillatype genus of the Chinchillidae
género Galago, genus galagobush babies
género Galictis, genus galictisAlternative name for the genus Grison
género Genetta, genetta, Genetta, genus genettagenets
género Geomys, genus geomys, geomys, Geomystype genus of the Geomyidae
género Gerbillus, genus gerbillus, gerbillus, Gerbillustype genus of the Gerbillinae
género Giraffa, genus giraffa, giraffa, Giraffatype genus of the Giraffidae
género Glaucomys, genus glaucomys, glaucomys, GlaucomysNew World flying squirrels
género Glis, genus glis, glis, Glistype genus of the Gliridae
género Globicephala, genus globicephala, globicephala, Globicephalapilot whales
género Gomphotherium, genus gomphotherium, gomphotherium, Gomphotheriumtype genus of the Gomphotheriidae
género Gorilla, genus gorillagorillas
género Grampus, genus grampusgrampus
género Hemigalus, genus hemigalus, hemigalus, Hemigalusbanded palm civets
género Herpestes, genus herpestes, herpestes, Herpestesmongooses
género Heterocephalus, genus heterocephalus, heterocephalus, Heterocephalussand rats
género Hippopotamus, genus hippopotamustype genus of the Hippopotamidae
género Hipposideros, genus hipposideros, hipposideros, HipposiderosHorseshoe bats
género Hippotragus, genus hippotragus, hippotragus, Hippotragussable antelopes
género Homo, genus homotype genus of the family Hominidae
género Hyaena, genus hyaenatype genus of the Hyaenidae
género Hydromys, genus hydromys, hydromys, Hydromyswater rats
género Hyemoschus, genus hyemoschus, hyemoschus, Hyemoschuswater chevrotains
género Hylobates, genus hylobates, Hylobates, hylobatesgibbons
género Hyperoodon, genus hyperoodon, hyperoodon, Hyperoodonbottle-nosed whales
género Hypsiprymnodon, genus hypsiprymnodon, hypsiprymnodon, Hypsiprymnodonmusk kangaroos
género Indri, genus indritype genus of the Indriidae
género Jaculus, genus jaculus, jaculus, Jaculusjerboas
género Kobus, genus kobus, kobus, Kobus(African antelopes) waterbucks
género Lagorchestes, genus lagorchestes, lagorchestes, Lagorchesteshare wallabies
género Lagostomus, genus lagostomus, lagostomus, Lagostomusviscachas
género Lagothrix, genus lagothrix, lagothrix, Lagothrixwoolly monkeys
género Lama, genus lama, Lama, lamallamas
género Lemmus, lemmus, Lemmuslemmings
género Lemur, genus lemurtype genus of the Lemuridae
género Leontideus, género Leontocebus, genus leontideus, genus leontocebus, leontocebus, Leontocebustamarins
género Lepus, genus lepus, lepus, Lepustype genus of the Leporidae
género Liomys, genus liomys, liomys, Liomyspocket mice
género Litocranius, genus litocranius, litocranius, Litocraniusantelopes of eastern Africa
género Loris, genus loristype genus of the Lorisidae
género Lynx, genus lynxlynxes
género Macaca, genus macaca, macaca, Macacamacaques
género Macropus, genus macropus, macropus, Macropustype genus of the family Macropodidae
género Macrotus, genus macrotusleafnose bats
género Mandrillus, genus mandrillus, mandrillus, Mandrillusbaboons
género Manis, genus manis, manis, Manistype genus of the Manidae
género Marmota, genus marmota, Marmotamarmots
género Martes, genus martes, martes, Martesmartens
género Mazama, genus mazama, mazama, Mazamabrockets
género Megaderma, genus megaderma, megaderma, Megadermatype genus of the Megadermatidae
género Megaptera, genus megaptera, megaptera, Megapterahumpback whales
género Megatherium, genus megatherium, megatherium, Megatheriumtype genus of the Megatheriidae
género Mellivora, genus mellivora, mellivora, Mellivoraratels
género Mesocricetus, genus mesocricetus, mesocricetus, Mesocricetusgolden hamsters
género Microdipodops, genus microdipodops, microdipodops, Microdipodopskangaroo mice
género Micromyx, genus micromyx, micromyx, MicromyxOld World harvest mice
género Microtus, genus microtus, microtus, Microtusvoles of the northern hemisphere
género Monodon, genus monodon, monodon, Monodontype genus of the Monodontidae
género Moschus, genus moschus, moschus, Moschusmusk deer
género Muntiacus, genus muntiacus, Muntiacus, muntiacusmuntjacs
género Mustela, genus mustela, Mustela, mustelatype genus of the family Mustelidae
género Myrmecobius, genus myrmecobius, myrmecobius, Myrmecobiusbanded anteater
género Myrmecophaga, genus myrmecophaga, myrmecophaga, Myrmecophagatype genus of the Myrmecophagidae
género Naemorhedus, genus naemorhedus, naemorhedus, Naemorhedusgorals
género Nasalis, genus nasalis, nasalis, Nasalisproboscis monkeys
género Nasua, genus nasua, nasua, Nasuacoatis
género Neotoma, genus neotoma, neotoma, Neotomapackrats
género Nesokia, genus nesokia, nesokia, Nesokiabandicoot rats
género Neurotrichus, genus neurotrichus, neurotrichus, Neurotrichusshrew moles
género Nimravus, genus nimravus, nimravus, Nimravusfalse sabertoothed tigers
género Notomys, genus notomys, notomys, Notomysjerboa rats
género Nyctereutes, genus nyctereutes, nyctereutes, Nyctereutesraccoon dogs
género Nyctereutes, genus lycaeon, lycaeon, LycaeonAfrican hunting dog
género Nyctimene, genus nyctimene, nyctimene, NyctimeneEast Indian fruit bats
género Ochotonidae, genus ochotona, ochotona, Ochotona, Ochotonidaetype genus of the Ochotonidae
género Odobenus, genus odobenus, odobenus, Odobenustype genus of the Odobenidae
género Odocoileus, genus odocoileus, odocoileus, OdocoileusNorth American deer
género Okapia, genus okapia, okapia, Okapiaokapis
género Ondatra, genus ondatra, ondatra, Ondatramuskrats
género Onychomys, genus onychomys, onychomys, Onychomysgrasshopper mice
género Orcinus, genus orcinus, orcinus, Orcinuskiller whales
género Oreamnos, genus oreamnos, oreamnos, Oreamnosmountain goats
género Ornithorhynchus, genus ornithorhynchus, ornithorhynchus, Ornithorhynchustype genus of the family Ornithorhynchidae
género Orycteropus, genus orycteropus, orycteropus, Orycteropuscoextensive with the family Orycteropodidae
género Oryctolagus, genus oryctolagus, oryctolagus, OryctolagusOld World rabbits
género Oryx, genus oryx(African antelopes) oryxes
género Oryzomys, genus oryzomys, oryzomys, Oryzomysrice rats
género Otaria, genus otaria, otaria, Otariatype genus of the Otariidae
género Pagophilus, genus pagophilus, pagophilus, Pagophilusharp seals
género Panthera, genus panthera, panthera, Pantheralions
género Papio, genus papio, Papio, papiobaboons
género Paradoxurus, genus paradoxurus, paradoxurus, Paradoxuruspalm civets
género Parascalops, genus parascalops, parascalops, Parascalopsbrewer's moles
género Pecari, género Tayassu, genus pecari, genus tayassu, tayassu, Tayassutype genus of the Tayassuidae
género Perognathus, genus perognathus, perognathus, Perognathuspocket mice
género Peromyscus, genus peromyscus, peromyscus, PeromyscusNew World wood mice
género Petrogale, genus petrogale, petrogale, Petrogalerock wallabies
género Phacochoerus, genus phacochoerus, phacochoerus, Phacochoeruswarthogs
género Phalanger, genus phalangertype genus of the family Phalangeridae
género Phascogale, genus phascogale, phascogale, Phascogalepouched mice
género Phascolarctos, genus phascolarctos, phascolarctos, Phascolarctoskoalas
género Phenacomys, genus phenacomysNorth American voles
género Phoca, genus phoca, phoca, Phocatype genus of the Phocidae
género Phyllostomus, genus phyllostomus, phyllostomus, Phyllostomustype genus of the family Phyllostomatidae
género Physeter, genus physeter, physeter, Physetertype genus of the Physeteridae
género Pithecia, genus pithecia, pithecia, Pitheciasakis
género Pitymys, genus pitymys, pitymys, Pitymyspine mice
género Plesianthropus, genus plesianthropus, plesianthropus, Plesianthropusformer name for the genus Australopithecus
género Poecilogale, genus poecilogale, poecilogale, Poecilogalemuishonds
género Pongo, genus pongo, Pongo, pongotype genus of the family Pongidae
género Potamogale, genus potamogaletype genus of the family Potamogalidae
género Potorous, genus potorous, potorous, Potorouspotoroos
género Presbytes, genus presbytes, langur, mammal semnopithecus, presbytes, Presbyteslangurs
género Priodontes, genus priodontes, priodontes, Priodontessolely the giant armadillo
género Procavia, genus procavia, procavia, Procaviatype genus of the Procaviidae
género Procyon, genus procyon, procyon, ProcyonThe type genus of the family Procyonidae
género Proteles, genus proteles, Proteles, protelesaardwolf
género Ptilocercus, genus ptilocercus, ptilocercus, Ptilocercuspentails
género Rangifer, genus rangifer, rangifer, Rangiferreindeer or caribou
género Raphicerus, genus raphicerus, raphicerus, Raphicerus(African antelopes) steenboks
género Reithrodontomys, genus reithrodontomys, reithrodontomys, ReithrodontomysNew World harvest mice
género Rhinoceros, genus rhinocerostype genus of the Rhinocerotidae
género Rhinonicteris, genus rhinonicteris, rhinonicteris, Rhinonicterisorange horseshoe bats
género Rupicapra, genus rupicapra, rupicapra, Rupicaprachamois
género Saiga, genus saiga(Eurasian antelopes) saigas
género Saimiri, genus saimiri, saimiri, Saimirisquirrel monkeys
género Sarcophilus, genus sarcophilus, sarcophilus, SarcophilusTasmanian devil
género Sciurus, genus sciurus, sciurus, Sciurustype genus of the Sciuridae
género Smiledon, genus smiledon, smiledon, Smiledonsaber-toothed tigers
género Sorex, genus sorex, sorex, Sorextype genus of the family Soricidae
género Spalax, genus spalax, spalax, Spalaxtype genus of the Spalacidae
género Stictomys, genus stictomys, stictomys, Stictomysmountain pacas
género Strepsiceros, género Tragelaphus, genus strepsiceros, genus tragelaphus, strepsiceros, Strepsiceros, tragelaphus, Tragelaphus(African antelopes) kudus
género Suricata, genus suricata, Suricata, suricatameerkats
género Sus, genus sus, Sus, sustype genus of the Suidae
género Sylvilagus, genus sylvilagus, sylvilagus, SylvilagusNorth American rabbits
género Synaptomys, genus synaptomys, synaptomys, Synaptomysbog lemmings
género Synercus, genus synercus, synercus, Synercus, tribu SynercusCape buffalo
género Tachyglossus, genus tachyglossus, tachyglossus, Tachyglossustype genus of the family Tachyglossidae
género Tadarida, genus tadarida, tadarida, Tadaridafreetail bats
género Tamandua, genus tamandualesser anteater
género Tamias, genus tamias, Tamias, tamiaschipmunks of eastern North America
género Tamiasciurus, genus tamiasciurus, tamiasciurus, TamiasciurusAmerican red squirrels
género Tapirus, genus tapirus, Tapirus, tapirustype genus of the Tapiridae
género Tenrec, genus tenrectype genus of the family Tenrecidae
género Thylacinus, genus thylacinus, thylacinus, ThylacinusTasmanian wolf
género Thylogale, genus thylogale, thylogale, Thylogalepademelons
género Tragulus, genus tragulus, tragulus, Tragulustype genus of the Tragulidae
género Urocyon, genus urocyon, urocyon, Urocyongrey foxes
género Uropsilus, genus uropsilus, uropsilus, Uropsilusshrew moles
género Viverra, genus viverra, viverra, Viverratype genus of the family Viverridae
género Vulpes, genus vulpes, vulpes, Vulpesfoxes
género Zalophus, genus zalophus, zalophus, Zalophussea lions
género Zapus, genus zapus, zapus, Zapustype genus of the Zapodidae
género pan, panchimpanzees
Generalgénero(biology) taxonomic group containing one or more species
Inglésmammal genus
Español > mamíferos: 4 sentidos > nombre 2, animal
SentidoAny warm-blooded vertebrate having the skin more or less covered with hair; young are born alive except for the small subclass of monotremes and nourished with milk.
Sinónimosmamífero, mammalia
Categoría dealantoidesThe vascular fetal membrane that lies below the chorion and develops from the hindgut in many embryonic higher vertebrates (reptiles, birds and mammals)
amniosThin innermost membranous sac enclosing the developing embryo of higher vertebrates (reptiles, birds and mammals)
amniotaHigher vertebrates (reptiles, birds and mammals) possessing an amnion during development
anestroso(of lower mammals) not in a state of estrus
corazón biauricularA heart (as of mammals and birds and reptiles) having two auricles
corionThe outermost membranous sac enclosing the embryo in higher vertebrates (reptiles, birds and mammals)
destetadoFreed of dependence on something especially (for mammals) mother's milk
digitígrado(of mammals) walking on the toes with the posterior part of the foot raised (as cats, dogs, and horses do)
estral, estroso(of lower mammals) showing or in a state of estrus
montarcopulate with
plantígrado(of mammals) walking on the whole sole of the foot (as rabbits, raccoons, bears, and humans do)
Miembro demamíferoswarm-blooded vertebrates characterized by mammary glands in the female
Partespelaje, pelogrowth of hair or wool or fur covering the body of an animal
peloAny of the cylindrical filaments characteristically growing from the epidermis of a mammal
Específicoanimal colmilludoAny mammal with prominent tusks (especially an elephant or wild boar)
euterios, mamífero, placentario, placentariosmammals having a placenta
mamíferaanimals that nourish their young with milk
metaterioPrimitive pouched mammals found mainly in Australia and the Americas
prototerioPrimitive oviparous mammals found only in Australia and Tasmania / Tasmania and New Guinea
Generalcraniate, vertebrado, vertebradosanimals having a bony or cartilaginous skeleton with a segmented spinal column and a large brain enclosed in a skull or cranium
Inglésmammal, mammalian
AdjetivomamíferoOf or relating to the class Mammalia
Español > mamíferos: 4 sentidos > nombre 3, animal
SentidoA family of mammals.
Miembro devertebradosfishes
EspecíficoBalaenidae, balénidos, familia Balaenidaeright whales
Balaenopteridae, balenoptéridos, familia Balaenopteridaerorquals
Bathyergidae, familia Bathyergidaemole rats
Callithricidae, familia Callithricidaemarmosets
Camelidae, camélidos, familia Camelidaecamels and llamas and vicunas
Canidae, cánidos, familia Canidaedogs
Capromyidae, género Capromyidaecoypus
Castoridae, castóridos, familia Castoridaebeavers
Cervidae, cérvidos, familia Cervidaedeer
Chrysochloridae, familia Chrysochloridaegolden moles
Dasypodidae, familia Dasypodidaearmadillos
Dasyproctidae, familia Dasyproctidaeagoutis and pacas
Desmodontidae, familia Desmodontidaetrue vampire bats
Dipodidae, familia DipodidaeOld World jerboas
Erethizontidae, familia ErethizontidaeNew World arboreal porcupines
Erinaceidae, erinaceidos, familia Erinaceidaetrue hedgehogs
Hydromyinae, subfamilia Hydromyinaewater rats of Australia and New Guinea
Odobenidae, odobénidoswalruses and extinct forms
Petauristidae, subfamilia PetauristidaeOld World flying squirrels
PhyllostomidaeNew World leaf-nosed bats
Potoroinae, subfamilia Potoroinaerat kangaroos
Trichechidae, triquénidosComprising only the manatees
antilocápridosComprising only the pronghorns
aplodóntidos, Aplodontiidae, familia Aplodontiidaemountain beavers
bovinosTerm not used technically
bóvidostrue antelopes
cercopitécidos, Cercopithecidae, familia Cercopithecidae(Old World monkeys) guenon
cinocéfalos, CynocephalidaeA family of Dermoptera
cricétidosMostly small New World rodents including New World mice and lemmings and voles and hamsters
cávidosA family of Hystricomorpha
cébidosAll the New World monkeys except marmosets and tamarins
dasiúridos, Dasyuridae, familia Dasyuridae, familia Dasyurinaedasyures
daubéntonidos, DaubentoniidaeComprising solely the aye-aye
delfínidos, Delphinidae, familia Delphinidaedolphins
didelfos, Didelphidae, familia Didelphidaeopossums
dugóngidosA family of mammals of order Sirenia including dugongs and Steller's sea cow
elefántidos, Elephantidae, familia Elephantidaeelephants
esciúridos, familia Sciuridae, SciuridaeA mammal family of true squirrels including
espalácidos, familia Spalacidae, Spalacidaemole rats
falangéridos, familia Phalangeridae, Phalangeridaephalangers
familia Felidae, Felidae, félidos, Felinocats
familia Geomyidae, GeomyidaeNorth American pocket gophers
familia Gerbillinae, Gerbillinaegerbils
familia Giraffidae, Giraffidae, jiráfidosgiraffes
familia Hippopotamidae, hipopotámidos, Hipopótamo, Hippopotamidaehippopotami
familia Hipposideridae, HipposideridaeOld World leafnose bats
familia Hyaenidae, hiénidos, Hyaenidaehyenas
familia Hydrochoeridae, Hydrochoeridaecapybara
familia Hystricidae, histrícidos, HystricidaeOld World porcupines
familia Lemuridae, Lemuridae, lemúridostypical lemurs
familia Leporidae, Leporidae, lepóridoshares and rabbits
familia Macropodidae, Macropodidae, macropódidoskangaroos
familia Manidae, Manidaecoextensive with the order Pholidota
familia Megadermatidae, MegadermatidaeOld World false vampire bats
familia Molossidae, Molossidaemastiff bats
familia Monodontidae, Monodontidaenarwhals
familia Mustelidae, Mustelidae, mustélidosWeasels
familia Myrmecophagidae, mirmecófagos, MyrmecophagidaeNew World anteaters
familia Notoryctidae, Notoryctidaepouched moles
familia Ornithorhynchidae, Ornithorhynchidae, ornitorrínquidosplatypus
familia Orycteropodidae, Orycteropodidaeaardvarks
familia Otariidae, otáridos, Otariidaeeared seals
familia Peramelidae, Peramelidae, peramélidosbandicoots
familia Phocidae, fócidos, Phocidaeearless seals
familia Platanistidae, Platanistidae, platanístidosriver dolphins
familia Potamogalidae, Potamogalidaeotter shrews
familia Procyonidae, prociónidos, Procyonidaeraccoons
familia Rhinoceros, familia Rhinocerotidae, Rhinocerotidae, rinoceróntidosrhinoceroses
familia Rrhinolophidae, RrhinolophidaeOld World leaf-nosed bats
familia Soricidae, Soricidae, sorícidosshrews
familia Suidae, Suidae, súidospigs
familia Tachyglossidae, Tachyglossidae, taquiglósidosEchidnas
familia Talpidae, Talpidae, tálpidosmoles
familia Tarsiidae, társidos, Tarsiidaecoextensive with the genus Tarsius
familia Tayassuidae, tayásidos, Tayassuidaepeccaries
familia Tragulidae, Tragulidae, tragúlidoschevrotains
familia Viverridae, familia Viverrinae, Viverridae, vivérridos, Viverrinaegenets
familia Vombatidae, Vombatidaewombats
familia Zapodidae, Zapodidaejumping mice
fisetéridos, Physeteridaesperm whales
heterómidossmall New World burrowing mouselike rodents with fur-lined cheek pouches and hind limbs and tail adapted to leaping
homínidosmodern man and extinct immediate ancestors of man
lorísidosslow-moving omnivorous nocturnal primates of tropical Asia
mastodontesExtinct family
megateriosExtinct ground sloths
múridosoriginally / originally Old World rats now distributed worldwide / worldwide
ocotónidospikas and extinct forms
platirrinos, Platyrrhini, superfamilia Platyrrhini(New World monkeys) capuchin
procávidos, ProcaviidaeIncludes all recent members of the order Hyracoidea
póngidosusually considered as comprising orangutans
tapíridostapirs and extinct related forms
tenrécidostenrecs and extinct related forms
vespertiliónidosThe majority of common bats of temperate regions of the world
índridos, IndriidaeA family of Lemuroidea
úrsidosbears and extinct related forms
Generalfamilia, família, familiar(biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more genera
Inglésmammal family
Español > mamíferos: 4 sentidos > nombre 4, animal
Sentidowarm-blooded vertebrates characterized by mammary glands in the female.
Miembro devertebradosfishes
Miembroscría de mamíferoAny immature mammal
euterios, Eutheria, PlacentariosAll mammals except monotremes and marsupials
mamífero, mamíferos, mammaliaAny warm-blooded vertebrate having the skin more or less covered with hair
metateriospouched animals
prototerios, Prototheria, subclase PrototheriaEchidnas
Generalclase(biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
InglésMammalia, class Mammalia
AdjetivomamíferoOf or relating to the class Mammalia

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