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NOUNanimalmarten, marten catagile slender-bodied arboreal mustelids somewhat larger / larger than weasels
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English > marten: 1 sense > noun 1, animal
Meaningagile slender-bodied arboreal mustelids somewhat larger / larger than weasels.
Synonymmarten cat
Member ofMartes, genus Martesmartens
NarrowerAmerican marten, American sable, Martes americanaValued for its fur
fisher, pekan, fisher cat, black cat, Martes pennantilarge dark brown North American arboreal carnivorous mammal
pine marten, Martes martesdark brown marten of northern Eurasian coniferous forests / forests
sable, Martes zibellinamarten of northern Asian forests / forests having luxuriant dark brown fur
stone marten, beech marten, Martes foinaEurasian marten having a brown coat with pale breast and throat
yellow-throated marten, Charronia flavigulalarge yellow and black marten of southern China and Burma
Broadermusteline mammal, mustelid, mustelinefissiped fur-bearing carnivorous mammals
Spanishfuina, garduña, marta
Catalanmarta, mart

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