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English > 1 sense of the expression mammal family:
NOUNanimalmammal familya family of mammals
English > mammal family: 1 sense > noun 1, animal
MeaningA family of mammals.
Member ofVertebrata, subphylum Vertebrata, Craniata, subphylum Craniatafishes
NarrowerAiluropodidae, family AiluropodidaeIn some classifications considered the family comprising the giant pandas
Antilocapridae, family AntilocapridaeComprising only the pronghorns
Aplodontiidae, family Aplodontiidaemountain beavers
Balaenidae, family Balaenidaeright whales
Balaenopteridae, family Balaenopteridaerorquals
Bassariscidae, subfamily BassariscidaeIn some classifications considered a separate family
Bathyergidae, family Bathyergidaemole rats
Bovidae, family Bovidaetrue antelopes
Bovinae, subfamily BovinaeTerm not used technically
Bradypodidae, family BradypodidaeA family of edentates comprising the true sloths
Caenolestidae, family Caenolestidaesmall marsupials of southern South America
Callithricidae, family Callithricidaemarmosets
Camelidae, family Camelidaecamels and llamas and vicunas
Canidae, family Canidaedogs
Capromyidae, family Capromyidaecoypus
Castoridae, family Castoridaebeavers
Caviidae, family CaviidaeA family of Hystricomorpha
Cebidae, family CebidaeAll the New World monkeys except marmosets and tamarins
Cercopithecidae, family Cercopithecidae(Old World monkeys) guenon
Cervidae, family Cervidaedeer
Chinchillidae, family Chinchillidaesmall bushy-tailed South American burrowing rodents
Chrysochloridae, family Chrysochloridaegolden moles
Cricetidae, family CricetidaeMostly small New World rodents including New World mice and lemmings and voles and hamsters
Cynocephalidae, family CynocephalidaeA family of Dermoptera
Dasypodidae, family Dasypodidaearmadillos
Dasyproctidae, family Dasyproctidaeagoutis and pacas
Dasyuridae, family Dasyuridae, family Dasyurinaedasyures
Daubentoniidae, family DaubentoniidaeComprising solely the aye-aye
Delphinidae, family Delphinidaedolphins
Desmodontidae, family Desmodontidaetrue vampire bats
Didelphidae, family Didelphidaeopossums
Dipodidae, family DipodidaeOld World jerboas
Dugongidae, family DugongidaeA family of mammals of order Sirenia including dugongs and Steller's sea cow
Elephantidae, family Elephantidaeelephants
Equidae, family Equidaehorses
Erethizontidae, family ErethizontidaeNew World arboreal porcupines
Erinaceidae, family Erinaceidaetrue hedgehogs
Eschrichtiidae, family EschrichtiidaeComprising only the grey whales
Felidae, family Felidaecats
Geomyidae, family GeomyidaeNorth American pocket gophers
Gerbillinae, subfamily Gerbillinaegerbils
Giraffidae, family Giraffidaegiraffes
Gliridae, family Gliridaedormice and other Old World forms
Gomphotheriidae, family Gomphotheriidaeelephants extinct since the Pleistocene
Heteromyidae, family Heteromyidaesmall New World burrowing mouselike rodents with fur-lined cheek pouches and hind limbs and tail adapted to leaping
Hippopotamidae, family Hippopotamidaehippopotami
Hipposideridae, family HipposideridaeOld World leafnose bats
Hominidae, family Hominidaemodern man and extinct immediate ancestors of man
Hyaenidae, family Hyaenidaehyenas
Hydrochoeridae, family Hydrochoeridaecapybara
Hydromyinae, subfamily Hydromyinaewater rats of Australia and New Guinea
Hylobatidae, family HylobatidaeUsed in some classifications for the lesser apes (gibbons and siamangs)
Hystricidae, family HystricidaeOld World porcupines
Indriidae, family IndriidaeA family of Lemuroidea
Lemuridae, family Lemuridaetypical lemurs
Leporidae, family Leporidaehares and rabbits
Lorisidae, family Lorisidaeslow-moving omnivorous nocturnal primates of tropical Asia
Lutrinae, subfamily Lutrinaesubdivision not used in some classifications
Macropodidae, family Macropodidaekangaroos
Mammutidae, family Mammutidae, family MastodontidaeExtinct family
Manidae, family Manidaecoextensive with the order Pholidota
Megadermatidae, family MegadermatidaeOld World false vampire bats
Megalonychidae, family Megalonychidaemammal family consisting of the two-toed sloths
Megatheriidae, family MegatheriidaeExtinct ground sloths
Melinae, subfamily Melinaesubdivision not used in some classifications
Mephitinae, subfamily Mephitinaesubdivision not used in some classifications
Molossidae, family Molossidaemastiff bats
Monodontidae, family Monodontidaenarwhals
Muridae, family Muridaeoriginally / originally Old World rats now distributed worldwide / worldwide
Muroidea, superfamily MuroideaA superfamily of rodents essentially equal to the suborder Myomorpha but with the Dipodidae excluded
Mustelidae, family MustelidaeWeasels
Mylodontidae, family MylodontidaeExtinct South American edentates
Myrmecophagidae, family MyrmecophagidaeNew World anteaters
Notoryctidae, family Notoryctidaepouched moles
Ochotonidae, family Ochotonidaepikas and extinct forms
Odobenidae, family Odobenidaewalruses and extinct forms
Ornithorhynchidae, family Ornithorhynchidaeplatypus
Orycteropodidae, family Orycteropodidaeaardvarks
Otariidae, family Otariidaeeared seals
Peramelidae, family Peramelidaebandicoots
Petauristidae, subfamily PetauristidaeOld World flying squirrels
Phalangeridae, family Phalangeridaephalangers
Phocidae, family Phocidaeearless seals
Phyllostomidae, family Phyllostomidae, Phyllostomatidae, family PhyllostomatidaeNew World leaf-nosed bats
Physeteridae, family Physeteridaesperm whales
Platanistidae, family Platanistidaeriver dolphins
Platyrrhini, superfamily Platyrrhini(New World monkeys) capuchin
Pongidae, family Pongidaeusually considered as comprising orangutans
Potamogalidae, family Potamogalidaeotter shrews
Potoroinae, subfamily Potoroinaerat kangaroos
Procaviidae, family ProcaviidaeIncludes all recent members of the order Hyracoidea
Procyonidae, family Procyonidaeraccoons
Rhinocerotidae, family Rhinocerotidae, rhinoceros familyrhinoceroses
Rhinolophidae, family RhinolophidaeOld World leaf-nosed bats
Sciuridae, family SciuridaeA mammal family of true squirrels including
Soricidae, family Soricidaeshrews
Spalacidae, family Spalacidaemole rats
Suidae, family Suidaepigs
Tachyglossidae, family TachyglossidaeEchidnas
Talpidae, family Talpidaemoles
Tapiridae, family Tapiridaetapirs and extinct related forms
Tarsiidae, family Tarsiidaecoextensive with the genus Tarsius
Tayassuidae, family Tayassuidaepeccaries
Tenrecidae, family Tenrecidaetenrecs and extinct related forms
Tragulidae, family Tragulidaechevrotains
Trichechidae, family TrichechidaeComprising only the manatees
Tupaiidae, family Tupaiidaetree shrews
Uintatheriidae, family UintatheriidaeAn extinct family of Dinocerata
Ursidae, family Ursidaebears and extinct related forms
Vespertilionidae, family VespertilionidaeThe majority of common bats of temperate regions of the world
Viverridae, family Viverridae, Viverrinae, family Viverrinaegenets
Vombatidae, family Vombatidaewombats
Zapodidae, family Zapodidaejumping mice
Ziphiidae, family Ziphiidae, Hyperodontidae, family Hyperodontidaebeaked whales
Broaderfamily(biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more genera

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