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Español > 2 sentidos de la palabra ahondar:
VERBOcontactahondar, cavar, excavarcreate by digging
communicationahondar, familiarizarsefamiliarize oneself thoroughly with
Español > ahondar: 2 sentidos > verbo 1, contact
Sentidocreate by digging.
Sinónimoscavar, excavar
Implicaapartar, copar, eliminar, extirpar, llevar, quitar, remover, retirar, sacar, suprimir, tomarRemove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract
Específicoatrincherar, cavar trincheras, zanjardig a trench / trench or trenches / trenches
cavarmake a hole with a wooden hand tool
sacarTake (root crops) out of the ground
Generalahuecar, excavarRemove the interior of
Inglésdig, dig out
Cataláncavar, excavar
NombresexcavaciónThe act of digging
excavación, sitio arqueológicoThe site of an archeological exploration
excavadorA laborer who digs
excavadora, pala excavadoraA machine for excavating
Español > ahondar: 2 sentidos > verbo 2, communication
Sentidofamiliarize oneself thoroughly with.
Generalfamiliarizarse, familiarizar, informarmake familiar or conversant with
Inglésget into

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