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English > 1 sense of the word piteous:
ADJECTIVEallpiteous, hapless, miserable, misfortunate, pathetic, pitiable, pitiful, poor, wretcheddeserving or inciting pity
English > piteous: 1 sense > adjective 1
Meaningdeserving or inciting pity.
Example "piteous appeals for help"
Synonymshapless, miserable, misfortunate, pathetic, pitiable, pitiful, poor, wretched
Broaderunfortunatenot favored by fortune
Spanishcuitado, desafortunado, desdichado, desgraciado, desventurado, infeliz, infortunado, lastimoso, miserable, mísero, pobre, triste
Catalandesafortunat, desgraciat, desventurat, dissortat, infeliç, llastimós, miserable, pobre, trist
Nounspityan unfortunate / unfortunate development
pitya feeling of sympathy and sorrow for the misfortunes of others
Adverbspiteouslyin a piteous manner

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