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English > 2 senses of the word feign:
VERBcommunicationfeign, sham, pretend, affect, dissemblemake believe with the intent to deceive / deceive
creationfeign, simulate, assume, shammake a pretence of
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English > feign: 2 senses > verb 1, communication
Meaningmake believe with the intent to deceive / deceive.
PatternSomebody ----s something; Somebody ----s that CLAUSE; Somebody ----s to INFINITIVE
Example"He feigned that he was ill"
Synonymssham, pretend, affect, dissemble
Narrowermoutharticulate silently
play possumTo pretend / pretend to be dead
take a divepretend / pretend to be knocked out, as of a boxer
talk through one's hat, bullshit, bull, fakeSpeak insincerely or without regard for facts or truths
Broadermisrepresent, belierepresent falsely
Similar tomake, pretend, make believerepresent fictitiously, as in a play, or pretend to be or act like
Spanishafectar, aparentar, fingir, pretender, simular
Catalanaparençar, aparentar, fingir, simular
Nounsfeigningpretending with intention to deceive / deceive
English > feign: 2 senses > verb 2, creation
Meaningmake a pretence of.
PatternSomebody ----s something
Example "he feigned sleep"
Synonymssimulate, assume, sham
Narrowerfeintdeceive by a mock action
playpretend to be somebody in the framework of a game / game or playful activity
Broaderdissemble, pretend, actBehave unnaturally or affectedly
Spanishadoptar, aparentar, fingir, hacerse, simular
Catalanaparentar, fingir, simular
Nounsfeigningthe act of giving a false / false / false appearance

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