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Español > 4 sentidos de la palabra suavidad:
NOMBREattributesuavidad, amabilidad, gentileza, mansuetudacting in a manner that is gentle and mild and even-tempered
attributesuavidada texture without roughness
attributesuavidad, lustre, viscosidada slippery smoothness
attributesuavidada sound property that is free from loudness or stridency
Español > suavidad: 4 sentidos > nombre 1, attribute
SentidoActing in a manner that is gentle and mild and even-tempered.
Sinónimosamabilidad, gentileza, mansuetud
Generalmanera, maneras, talanteA way of acting or behaving
Inglésgentleness, softness, mildness
Catalánamabilitat, gentilesa, mansuetud, suavitat
Adjetivoblando, suaveCompassionate and kind
bondadoso, compasivo, tiernoHaving or showing a kindly or tender nature
ligero, suavemoderate in type or degree or effect or force
ligero, suave, tenueSoft and mild
suaveHaving little impact
Español > suavidad: 4 sentidos > nombre 2, attribute
SentidoA texture without roughness; smooth to the touch.
Específicobarniz, pulimentoThe property of being smooth and shiny
finezaHaving a very fine texture
lustre, suavidad, viscosidadA slippery smoothness
sedosidadThe smooth feel of silk fabric
GeneraltexturaThe feel of a surface or a fabric
ContrariorugosidadA texture of a surface or edge that is not smooth but is irregular and uneven
Adjetivoliso, llano, suaveHaving a surface free from roughness or bumps or ridges or irregularities
Español > suavidad: 4 sentidos > nombre 3, attribute
SentidoA slippery smoothness.
Sinónimoslustre, viscosidad
GeneralsuavidadA texture without roughness
Inglésslickness, slick, slipperiness, slip
Adjetivobrillante, de seda, liso, lustroso, satinado, sedosa, sedoso, tersoHaving a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light
desplazable, escurridizo, resbaladizo, resbalosoCausing or tending to cause things to slip or slide
resbaladizomade slick by e.g. ice or grease
Verbosalisar, lustrarGive a smooth and glossy appearance
alisarmake slick or smooth
Español > suavidad: 4 sentidos > nombre 4, attribute
SentidoA sound property that is free from loudness or stridency.
Específicodecrescendo, diminuendo(music) a gradual decrease in loudness
pianissimo, piano(music) low loudness
susurroBarely audible
Contrariofuerza, intensidad, volumenThe magnitude of sound (usually in a specified direction)
Adjetivoblando, suave(of speech sounds)

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