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English > 4 senses of the word retain:
VERBstativeretainhold back within
socialretain, continue, keep, keep onallow to remain in a place or position or maintain a property or feature
possessionretain, hold, keep back, hold backsecure and keep for possible future use or application
cognitionretainkeep in one's mind / mind
retain > pronunciation
Soundsrihtey'n; riytey'n
Rhymesabstain ... windowpane: 127 rhymes with eyn...
English > retain: 4 senses > verb 1, stative
MeaningHold back within.
PatternSomebody ----s something; Something ----s something
  • "This soil retains water"
  • "I retain this drug for a long time"
  • "the dam retains the water"
Broaderhold, bear, carry, containContain or hold
Spanishconservar, retener
Catalanconservar, retenir
Adjectivesretentivegood at remembering
English > retain: 4 senses > verb 2, social
MeaningAllow to remain in a place or position or maintain a property or feature.
PatternSomebody ----s somebody; Something ----s somebody
  • "She retains a lawyer"
  • "She retained her composure"
  • "this garment retains its shape even after many washings"
Synonymscontinue, keep, keep on
Broaderprolong, sustain, keep uplengthen or extend in duration or space
Similar tocontinue, persist inDo something repeatedly and showing no intention to stop
Spanishconservar, continuar, durar, quedarse, seguir
Catalanconservar, continuar
English > retain: 4 senses > verb 3, possession
MeaningSecure and keep for possible future use or application.
PatternSomebody ----s something
Example"The landlord retained the security deposit"
Synonymshold, keep back, hold back
Narrowerhold downKeep
Broaderkeep, hold onRetain possession of
Spanishdetentar, retener
Nounsretentionthe act of retaining something
English > retain: 4 senses > verb 4, cognition
MeaningKeep in one's mind / mind.
PatternSomebody ----s something
ModelThey won't retain the story
Example"I cannot retain so much information"
Broaderremember, think ofKeep in mind / mind for attention or consideration
Adjectivesretentivegood at remembering
Nounsretentionthe power of retaining and recalling past experience

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