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English > 1 sense of the word effectuate:
VERBcreationeffectuate, effect, set upproduce
effectuate > pronunciation
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English > effectuate: 1 sense > verb 1, creation
PatternSomebody ----s something; Something ----s something
Synonymseffect, set up
Cause tohappen, hap, go on, pass off, occur, pass, fall out, come about, take placeCome to pass
Narrowercarry through, accomplish, execute, carry out, action, fulfill, fulfilput in effect
draw, getearn or achieve a base by being walked by the pitcher
induce, stimulate, rush, hastenCause to occur rapidly
precipitatebring about abruptly
servecontribute or conduce to
Broadercause, do, makegive rise to
Spanishcausar, efectuar, ocasionar, producir
Catalancausar, efectuar, ocasionar, produir, provocar
Nounseffecta phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon
effecta symptom caused by an illness or a drug
effectuationthe act of implementing (providing a practical means for accomplishing something)

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