HyperDic: transcendent

Català > 2 sentits de la paraula transcendent:
ADJECTIUalltranscendentbeyond and outside the ordinary range of human experience or understanding
alltranscendent, capital, essencial, transcendentalof very great significance
Català > transcendent: 2 sentits > adjectiu 1
SentitBeyond and outside the ordinary range of human experience or understanding.
Generalincognosciblenot knowable
Espanyolinconocible, inpenetrable, trascendente
NomstranscendènciaA state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of material experience
Verbsdepassar, excedir, superar, ultrapassarBe superior or better than some standard
excedir, sobrepassar, superar, transcendir, ultrapassarBe greater in scope or size than some standard
Català > transcendent: 2 sentits > adjectiu 2
SentitOf very great significance.
Sinònimscapital, essencial, transcendental
Generalimportant, significant, significatiuImportant in effect or meaning / meaning
Espanyolcapital, esencial, transcendental, trascendental, trascendente
Nomsconseqüència, importància, repercussió, transcendènciaHaving important effects or influence

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