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Català > 3 sentits de la paraula persistent:
ADJECTIUallpersistent, duradorretained
allpersistent, incessant, persitentnever / never-ceasing
allpersistentcontinually recurring to the mind
Català > persistent: 3 sentits > adjectiu 1
SentitRetained; not shed.
CategoriabiologiaThe science that studies living organisms
Contraricaducshed at an early stage / stage of development
Anglèspersistent, lasting
Espanyolduradero, persistente
Nomsdurabilitatpermanence by virtue of the power to resist stress / stress or force
Verbsalbergar, allotjar, perdurar, persistir, quedar-se, quedar, restar, romandre, seguirStay behind
imperar, perdurar, perseverar, persistir, prevalerContinue to exist
Català > persistent: 3 sentits > adjectiu 2
Sentitnever / never-ceasing.
Sinònimsincessant, persitent
GeneralcontinuOccurring without interruption
Anglèspersistent, relentless, unrelenting
Espanyolincesante, persistente
Nomscontinuïtat, persistència, pervivènciaThe property of a continuous and connected period of time
inexorabilitatmercilessness characterized by an unwillingness to relent or let up
perseverança, perseverància, persistència, pertinàcia, tenacitatpersistent determination
Verbsmantenir-se, perdurar, perseverar, persistirBe persistent, refuse to stop
Català > persistent: 3 sentits > adjectiu 3
Sentitcontinually recurring to the mind.
Generalinoblidableimpossible to forget
Anglèshaunting, persistent
Espanyolobsesionante, persistente

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