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Català > 2 sentits de l'expressió agent de policia:
NOMperson agent de policia, agent, guàrdia, oficial, policiaa member of a police force
person agent de policia, agent, municipal, policiaa woman policeman
Català > agent de policia: 2 sentits > nom 1, person
SentitA member of a police force.
Sinònimsagent, guàrdia, oficial, policia
Membre deagents, forces de l'ordre, forces de l'ordre públic, forces policials, policiaThe force of policemen and officers
Específicagent de policia, agent, municipal, policiaA woman policeman
bobby, BobbyAn informal term for a British policeman
bòfia, pasma, policia, poliuncomplimentary terms for a policeman
capità de policiaA policeman in charge of a precinct
conestableA police officer of the lowest rank
detectiu, investigadorA police officer who investigates crimes
gendarmeA French policeman
inspectora, inspectorA high ranking police officer
policia de trànsitA policeman who controls the flow of automobile traffic
policia motoritzatA policeman who rides a motorcycle (and who checks the speeds of motorists)
policia muntatA mounted policeman
policia muntatA state police officer
Generaloficial de la lleiAn officer of the law
Anglèspoliceman, police officer, officer
Espanyolagente de policía, agente, guardia, oficial, paco, policial, policía
Català > agent de policia: 2 sentits > nom 2, person
SentitA woman policeman.
Sinònimsagent, municipal, policia
Generalagent de policia, agent, guàrdia, oficial, policiaA member of a police force
Anglèspolice matron, policewoman
Espanyolagente, municipal, policía femenino, policía

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