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English > 5 senses of the word important:
ADJECTIVEallimportant, of importof great significance / significance or value
allimportant, significantimportant in effect or meaning / meaning
allimportant, crucialof extreme / extreme importance
allimportant, authoritativehaving authority or ascendancy or influence
allimportanthaving or suggesting a consciousness of high position
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English > important: 5 senses > adjective 1
MeaningOf great significance / significance or value.
  • "important people"
  • "the important questions of the day"
Synonymof import
Attribute ofimportanceThe quality of being important and worthy of note
NarrowerCopernicanOf radical or major importance
all-important, all important, crucial, essential, of the essenceOf the greatest importance
alphaFirst in order of importance
betaSecond in order of importance
bigsignificant / significant / significant / significant
burningOf immediate import
cardinal, central, fundamental, key, primalServing as an essential component
chief, main, primary, principal, masterMost important element
consequential, eventfulHaving important issues or results
distinguished(used of persons) standing above others in character or attainment or reputation
grandThe most important and magnificent in adornment
grave, grievous, heavy, weightyOf great gravity or crucial import
great, outstandingOf major significance / significance or importance
historicImportant in history
in-chiefIndicating the head of a staff
measurableOf distinguished importance
most-valuableDesignating the player judged to be the most important to the sport
seriousOf great consequence
strategicHighly important to or an integral part of a strategy or plan of action especially in war
See alsoessentialBasic and fundamental
significant, importantImportant in effect or meaning / meaning
valuableHaving great material or monetary value especially for use or exchange
Oppositeunimportantnot important
Nounsimportancethe quality of being important and worthy of note
Adverbsimportantlyin an important way
importantlyin an important way or to an important degree
English > important: 5 senses > adjective 2
MeaningImportant in effect or meaning / meaning.
Attribute ofsignificanceThe quality of being significant / significant / significant
Narrowerearthshaking, world-shaking, world-shatteringsufficiently significant to affect the whole world
epochal, epoch-makingHighly significant or important especially bringing about or marking the beginning of a new development or era
evidential, evidentiaryServing as or based on evidence
fundamental, profoundFar-reaching and thoroughgoing in effect especially on the nature of something
largeFairly large or important in effect
momentousOf very great significance
monumentalOf outstanding significance
noteworthy, remarkable, notableworthy of notice
portentous, prodigiousOf momentous or ominous significance
probative, probatorytending to prove a particular proposition or to persuade you of the truth of an allegation
See alsoimportant, of importOf great significance / significance or value
meaningfulHaving a meaning / meaning or purpose
Oppositeinsignificant, unimportantdevoid of importance, meaning, or force
Spanishimportante, significante, significativo
Catalanimportant, significant, significatiu
Nounsimportancethe quality of being important and worthy of note
English > important: 5 senses > adjective 3
MeaningOf extreme / extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis.
Narrowercritical, decisiveforming or having the nature of a turning point or crisis
life-and-death, life-or-deathvitally important
pivotal, polarOf crucial importance
See alsocriticalIn or verging on a state of crisis or emergency
decisiveDetermining or having the power to determine an outcome
essentialBasic and fundamental
OppositenoncrucialOf little importance
Spanishcrucial, importante
Catalancrucial, important
Nounsimportancethe quality of being important and worthy of note
English > important: 5 senses > adjective 4
MeaningHaving authority or ascendancy or influence.
Example"an important official"
BroaderinfluentialHaving or exercising influence or power
Spanishdestacado, gran, grande, importante, influyente
Catalandestacat, gran, important, influent
Nounsimportance, grandnessa prominent status
English > important: 5 senses > adjective 5
MeaningHaving or suggesting a consciousness of high position.
  • "recited the decree with an important air"
  • "took long important strides in the direction of his office"
BroaderimmodestHaving or showing an exaggerated opinion of your importance, ability, etc
Spanishautoritario, importante
Catalanautoritari, important

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