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English > 1 sense of the word attorney:
NOUNperson attorney, lawyera professional person authorized to practice law
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English > attorney: 1 sense > noun 1, person
MeaningA professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice.
Categorylaw, jurisprudenceThe collection of rules imposed by authority
InstancesAverroes, ibn-Roshd, Abul-Walid Mohammed ibn-Ahmad Ibn-Mohammed ibn-RoshdArabian philosopher born in Spain
Bryan, William Jennings Bryan, Great Commoner, Boy Orator of the PlatteUnited States lawyer and politician who advocated free silver and prosecuted John Scopes (1925) for teaching evolution in a Tennessee high school (1860-1925)
Darrow, Clarence Darrow, Clarence Seward DarrowUnited States lawyer famous for his defense of lost causes (1857-1938)
Hays, Arthur Garfield HaysUnited States lawyer involved in several famous court trials (1881-1954)
Hays, Will Hays, William Harrison HaysUnited States lawyer and politician who formulated a production code that prescribed the moral content of United States films from 1930 to 1966 (1879-1954)
Hoover, J. Edgar Hoover, John Edgar HooverUnited States lawyer who was director of the FBI for 48 years (1895-1972)
Key, Francis Scott KeyUnited States lawyer and poet who wrote a poem after witnessing the British attack on Baltimore during the War of 1812
Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln, President Lincoln, President Abraham Lincoln16th President of the United States
Member oflawyer-client relation, attorney-client relationThe responsibility of a lawyer to act in the best interests of the client
Narroweradvocate, counsel, counselor, counsellor, counselor-at-law, pleaderA lawyer who pleads / pleads cases in court
ambulance chaserAn unethical lawyer who incites / incites accident victims to sue
barristerA British or Canadian lawyer who speaks in the higher courts of law on behalf of either the defense or prosecution
conveyancerA lawyer who specializes in the business of conveying properties
defense attorney, defense lawyerThe lawyer representing the defendant
divorce lawyerA lawyer specializing in actions for divorce or annulment
prosecutor, public prosecutor, prosecuting officer, prosecuting attorneyA government official who conducts criminal prosecutions on behalf of the state
public defenderA lawyer who represents indigent defendants at public expense
refereeAn attorney appointed by a court to investigate and report on a case
solicitorA British lawyer who gives legal advice and prepares legal documents
trial attorney, trial lawyerA lawyer who specializes in defending clients before a court of law
Broaderprofessional, professional personA person engaged in one of the learned professions
Spanishabogada, abogado, defensor, jurista, letrada, letrado, notario, picapleitos
Catalanadvocada, advocat, defensor, jurista, lletrat, picaplets
Nounsattorneyshipthe position of attorney

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