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Català > 6 sentits de la paraula molt:
NOMquantitymolta great amount or extent
ADVERBIallmoltto an extraordinary extent or degree
allmolt, extensamentin a widespread way
allmolt, molt i molt, sovintto a very great degree or extent
allmolt, enormement, tremendamentextremely
allmolt, extremadamentto a great degree or by a great distance
Català > molt: 6 sentits > nom 1, quantity
SentitA great amount or extent.
Català > molt: 6 sentits > adverbi 1
SentitTo an extraordinary extent or degree.
Espanyolenormemente, grandemente, mucho, sumamente
Adjectiusgranremarkable or out of the ordinary in degree or magnitude / magnitude or effect
Català > molt: 6 sentits > adverbi 2
SentitIn a widespread way.
Espanyolextensamente, extensivamente, largamente
Adjectiusextenslarge in spatial extent or range or scope or quantity
Català > molt: 6 sentits > adverbi 3
SentitTo a very great degree or extent.
Sinònimsmolt i molt, sovint
Anglèsa lot, lots, a good deal, a great deal, much, very much
Espanyolmuchisimo, mucho
Català > molt: 6 sentits > adverbi 4
Sinònimsenormement, tremendament
Anglèsenormously, tremendously, hugely, staggeringly
Espanyolenormemente, tremendamente
Adjectiusbrutal, clamorós, espaterrant, estupend, extraordinari, fantàstic, fenomenal, formidable, genial, magnífic, meravellós, sensacional, tremendextraordinarily good or great
colossal, desmesurat, enorme, gegantí, immens, tremend, vastextraordinarily large in size or extent or amount or power or degree
Català > molt: 6 sentits > adverbi 5
SentitTo a great degree or by a great distance; very much ('right smart' is regional in the United States).
Ús deexpressió col·loquialA colloquial expression
Anglèsway, right smart

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