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Català > 3 sentits de la paraula incubar:
VERBbodyincubar, cubarsit on (eggs)
bodyincubar, covaremerge from the eggs
changeincubargrow under conditions that promote development
Català > incubar: 3 sentits > verb 1, body
SentitSit on (eggs).
Implicaagotnar-se, arraulir-se, assentar, asseure's, seure's, seureTake a seat / seat / seat
Generalmultiplicar, procrear, reproduir-se, reproduirhave offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant
Similarcovar, incubaremerge from the eggs
Anglèsbrood, hatch, cover, incubate
Espanyolaclocarse, cubrir, empollar, incubar
Nomsfillada, llocada, niuada, proleThe young of an animal cared for at one time
incubacióSitting on eggs so as to hatch them by the warmth of the body
incubadoraapparatus consisting of a box designed to maintain a constant temperature by the use of a thermostat
Català > incubar: 3 sentits > verb 2, body
Sentitemerge from the eggs.
GeneralnéixerCome into existence through birth
Similarcubar, incubarSit on (eggs)
Espanyolempollar, salir del cascarón
NomsviverA place where eggs are hatched under artificial conditions (especially fish eggs)
Català > incubar: 3 sentits > verb 3, change
SentitGrow under conditions that promote development.
Generaldesenvolupar-se, desenvolupar, elaborarGrow, progress, unfold, or evolve through a process of evolution, natural growth, differentiation, or a conducive environment
NomsincubacióMaintaining something at the most favorable temperature for its development

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