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Català > 3 sentits de la paraula cine:
NOMcommunicationcine, cel·luloide, cinema, filma medium that disseminates moving pictures
artifactcine, cinema, sala de cinema, sala de cinea theater where films are shown
actcine, cinematografia, filmació, rodatgethe act of making a film
Català > cine: 3 sentits > nom 1, communication
SentitA medium that disseminates moving pictures.
Sinònimscel·luloide, cinema, film
Categoria deMacGuffin, McGuffin(film) a plot element that catches / catches the viewers' attention or drives the plot
Categoriaart, creació artística, producció artísticaThe creation of beautiful or significant things
empresa, negoci, negocisThe activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects
Generalmedi, mitjà de comunicació, mitjàA means or instrumentality for storing or communicating information
Anglèsfilm, cinema, celluloid
Espanyolceluloide, cinema, cine, film
Verbsfilmar, rodarmake a film or photograph of something
filmar, rodarrecord in film
Català > cine: 3 sentits > nom 2, artifact
SentitA theater where films are shown.
Sinònimscinema, sala de cinema, sala de cine
EspecíficfleapitAn old shabby movie theater
GeneralteatreA building where theatrical performances or motion-picture shows can be presented
Anglèscinema, movie theater, movie theatre, movie house, picture palace
Espanyolcinema, cinematógrafo, cine, sala de cine
Català > cine: 3 sentits > nom 3, act
SentitThe act of making a film.
Sinònimscinematografia, filmació, rodatge
EspecíficanimacióThe making of animated cartoons
presaThe act of photographing a scene or part of a scene without interruption
Generalfotografía, fotografiaThe act of taking and printing photographs
Anglèsfilming, cinematography, motion-picture photography
Espanyolcinematografía, cine, filmación, rodaje
Nomscameràman, càmera, operadorA photographer who operates a movie camera
Verbsfilmar, rodarmake a film or photograph of something
filmar, rodarrecord in film

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