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NOUNperson photographer, lensmansomeone who takes photographs professionally
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English > photographer: 1 sense > noun 1, person
Meaningsomeone who takes photographs professionally.
InstancesBrady, Mathew B. BradyUnited States pioneer photographer famous for his portraits
Eisenstaedt, Alfred EisenstaedtUnited States photographer (born in Germany) whose unposed documentary photographs created photojournalism (born in 1898)
Lange, Dorothea LangeUnited States photographer remembered for her portraits of rural workers during the Depression (1895-1965)
Steichen, Edward Jean SteichenUnited States photographer who pioneered artistic photography (1879-1973)
Stieglitz, Alfred StieglitzUnited States photographer (1864-1946)
Talbot, Fox Talbot, William Henry Fox TalbotEnglish inventor and pioneer in photography who published the first book illustrated with photographs (1800-1877)
Weston, Edward WestonUnited States photographer (1886-1958)
Narrowercameraman, camera operator, cinematographerA photographer who operates a movie camera
paparazzoA freelance photographer who pursues celebrities trying to take candid photographs of them to sell to newspapers or magazines
press photographerA photographer who works for a newspaper
Broaderartist, creative personA person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination / imagination
Spanishfotógrafa, fotógrafo, lensman, retratista
Catalanfotògraf, lensman
Nounsphotographythe act of taking and printing photographs
photographythe occupation of taking and printing photographs or making movies
Verbsphotographrecord on photographic film

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