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Català > 3 sentits de la paraula capbussar-se:
VERBmotioncapbussar-se, cabussar-se, tirar-se de capplunge / plunge into water
motioncapbussar-se, cabussar-se, enfonsar-se, submergir-sedrop steeply
motioncapbussar-se, cabussar-se, tirar-se de capdip into a liquid / liquid
Català > capbussar-se: 3 sentits > verb 1, motion
Sentitplunge / plunge into water.
Sinònimscabussar-se, tirar-se de cap
Categoriaesport aquàticsports that involve bodies of water
Específicdonar una panxadadive so that one hits the water with one's belly
Generalsubmergir-se, submergirsink below the surface
Nomsbussomeone who dives (into water)
immersióA headlong plunge into water
Català > capbussar-se: 3 sentits > verb 2, motion
SentitDrop steeply.
Sinònimscabussar-se, enfonsar-se, submergir-se
Específicdesaparèixer, eludir, esquivarsubmerge or plunge / plunge suddenly
Generaldavallar, descendirMove downward and lower, but not necessarily all the way
Similarprecipitar-sefall abruptly
Anglèsdive, plunge, plunk
Espanyolcaer en picado, desplomarse, hundirse, sumergirse, zambullirse
Català > capbussar-se: 3 sentits > verb 3, motion
Sentitdip into a liquid / liquid.
Sinònimscabussar-se, tirar-se de cap
Generalamarar, banyar, mullar, ruixarimmerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate
Anglèsdip, douse, duck
Nomscabussó, capbussóA brief swim in water
immersióThe act of wetting something by submerging it

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