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Español > 4 sentidos de la palabra moluscos:
NOMBREanimalmoluscos, moluscoinvertebrate having a soft unsegmented body usually enclosed in a shell
animalmoluscosa genus of mollusks
animalmoluscosa family of mollusks
animalmoluscos, filo Mollusca, Molluscagastropods
Español > moluscos: 4 sentidos > nombre 1, animal
Sentidoinvertebrate having a soft unsegmented body usually enclosed in a shell.
Miembro defilo Mollusca, Mollusca, moluscosgastropods
Partescaparazón, carapacho, concha, cutículaHard outer covering or case of certain organisms such as arthropods and turtles
mariscomeat of edible aquatic invertebrate with a shell (especially a mollusk or crustacean)
Específicobivalvo, lamelibranquio, lamelibranquiosmarine or freshwater mollusks having a soft body with platelike gills enclosed within two shells hinged together
cefalópodo, cefalópodos, cephalopodamarine mollusk characterized by well-developed head and eyes and sucker-bearing tentacles
escafópodo, scaphopodburrowing marine mollusk
gasterópodo, gasterópodosA class of mollusks typically having a one-piece coiled shell and flattened muscular foot with a head bearing stalked eyes
poliplacóforoPrimitive elongated bilaterally symmetrical marine mollusk having a mantle covered with eight calcareous plates
GeneralinvertebradoAny animal lacking a backbone or notochord
Inglésmollusk, mollusc, shellfish
Español > moluscos: 4 sentidos > nombre 2, animal
SentidoA genus of mollusks.
Miembro deAnimalia, reino animalia, reino animaltaxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct animals
EspecíficoAnomia, anomia, género Anomia, genus anomiatype genus of the family Anomiidae
Arca, arca, género Arca, genus arcatype genus of the family Arcidae
Argonauta, argonauta, género Argonauta, genus argonautatype genus of the family Argonautidae
Crassostrea, género CrassostreaVirginia oysters
ancylus, Ancylus, género Ancylus, genus ancylustype genus of the family Ancylidae
anodonta, Anodonta, género Anodonta, genus anodontathin-shelled freshwater mussels
aplysia, Aplysia, género Aplysia, género Tethus, genus aplysia, genus tethus, tethys, Tethystype genus of the family Aplysiidae
bankia, Bankia, género Bankia, genus bankiagiant shipworms
cardium, Cardium, género Cardium, genus cardiumtype genus of the family Cardiidae
cypraea, genus cypraeatype genus of the family Cypraeidae
dreissena, Dreissena, género Dreissena, genus dreissenazebra mussels
ensis, Ensis, género Ensis, genus ensisrazor clams
fissurella, Fissurella, fisurela, género Fissurella, genus fissurellatype genus of the family Fissurellidae
genus chitonA genus of Polyplacophora
genus haminoea, haminoeaCommon genus of marine bubble shells of the Pacific coast of North America
genus hermissenda, hermissendagenus of marine sea slugs
genus lambis, lambisscorpion shells of shallow tropical waters of the eastern hemisphere
genus limax, limaxA genus of Limacidae
genus mercenaria, mercenariaA genus of Veneridae
genus neritinaA genus of Neritidae
genus ommastrephesA genus of Decapoda
genus patella, patellatype genus of the family Patellidae
genus venus, venustype genus of the family Veneridae
género Haliotis, genus haliotis, Haliotis, haliotistype genus of the family Haliotidae
género Helix, genus helix, helix, Helixtype genus of the family Helicidae
género Littorina, genus littorina, littorina, Littorinatype genus of the family Littorinidae
género Loligo, genus loligosquids
género Mya, genus mya, mya, Myatype genus of the family Myacidae
género Mytilus, genus mytilus, mytilus, Mytilustype genus of the family Mytilidae
género Nautilus, genus nautilustype genus and sole recent representative of the family Nautilidae
género Nerita, genus neritatype genus of the Neritidae
género Octopus, genus octopustype genus of the family Octopodidae
género Ostrea, genus ostrea, Ostrea, ostreatype genus of the family Ostreidae
género Pecten, genus pectentype genus of the family Pectinidae
género Pholas, genus pholas, pholas, Pholastype genus of the family Pholadidae
género Physa, genus physatype genus of the Physidae
género Pinctada, genus pinctada, pinctada, Pinctadapearl oysters
género Placuna, genus placuna, placuna, Placunawindowpane oysters
género Sepia, genus sepia, Sepiatype genus of the Sepiidae
género Strombus, genus strombus, strombus, Strombustype genus of the family Strombidae
género Teredo, genus teredotype genus of the family Teredinidae
género Tridacna, genus tridacna, tridacna, Tridacnatype genus of the family Tridacnidae
género Unio, genus unio, unio, Uniotype genus of the family Unionidae
género espírula, genus spirulagenus of small cephalopods with many-chambered spiral shells resembling those of the extinct belemnites
Generalgénero(biology) taxonomic group containing one or more species
Inglésmollusk genus
Español > moluscos: 4 sentidos > nombre 3, animal
SentidoA family of mollusks.
Miembro deAnimalia, reino animalia, reino animaltaxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct animals
EspecíficoAkeridae, familia Akeridaebubble shells
Ancylidae, familia AncylidaeFreshwater gastropod
Aplysiidae, familia Aplysiidae, familia Tethyidae, Tethyidaesea hares
Arcidae, familia Arcidaeark shells
Argonautidae, argonáutidos, familia Argonautidaerepresented solely by the genus Argonauta
Buccinidae, buccínidos, familia Buccinidaewhelks
Cymatiidae, familia Cymatiidaetritons
anómidos, Anomiidae, familia Anomiidaesaddle oysters
belemnítidosfamily of extinct Mesozoic cephalopods
cardítidosSomewhat heart-shaped sand-burrowing bivalve mollusks
espirúlidoscoextensive with the genus Spirula
familia Fissurellidae, Fissurellidae, fisurélidosmarine limpets
familia Haliotidae, Haliotidae, haliótidosabalones
familia Limacidae, Limacidae, limácidosslugs
familia Littorinidae, litorínidos, Littorinidaeperiwinkles
familia Myacidae, Myacidaesoft-shell clams
familia Mytilidae, mitílidos, Mytilidaemarine mussels
familia Naticidae, Naticidaemoonshells
familia Nautilidae, Nautilidae, nautílidosspiral-shelled cephalopods
familia Neritidae, Neritidaeneritids
familia Ostreidae, Ostreidae, ostreidosoysters
familia Patellidae, patélidos, Patellidaemarine limpets
familia Pectinidae, Pectinidae, pectínidosscallops
familia Physidae, PhysidaeFreshwater snails
familia Pteriidae, ptéridos, Pteriidaepearl oysters
familia Sepiidae, sépidos, Sepiidaetrue cuttlefishes
familia Solenidae, Solenidae, solénidosrazor clams
familia Teredinidae, Teredinidae, teredínidosshipworms
familia Unionidae, Unionidae, uniónidosfreshwater mussels found worldwide / worldwide
familia Veneridae, Veneridae, venéridoshard ... / hard-shell clams
foládidosA family of Bivalvia
helícidosLand snails including the common edible snail and some pests
octopódidosA family of Octopoda
Generalfamilia, família, familiar(biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more genera
Inglésmollusk family
Español > moluscos: 4 sentidos > nombre 4, animal
Sentidogastropods; bivalves; cephalopods; chitons.
Sinónimosfilo Mollusca, Mollusca
Miembro deAnimalia, reino animalia, reino animaltaxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct animals
MiembrosBivalvia, clase Bivalvia, clase Lamellibranchia, clase Pelecypoda, lamelibranquiosoysters
Cefalópodos, cefalópodos, Cephalopodaoctopuses
clase Gasteropoda, clase Gastropoda, Gasteropoda, gasterópodos, Gastropodasnails and slugs and their relatives
molusco, moluscosinvertebrate having a soft unsegmented body usually enclosed in a shell
poliplacóforossmall class of marine mollusks comprising the chitons
Generalfilo(biology) the major taxonomic group of animals and plants
InglésMollusca, phylum Mollusca
CatalánMollusca, Mol·lusc

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