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Español > 3 sentidos de la palabra invertebrado:
ADJETIVOallinvertebradolacking a backbone or spinal column
allinvertebradolacking spiny processes
NOMBREanimalinvertebradoany animal lacking a backbone or notochord
Español > invertebrado: 3 sentidos > adjetivo 1
Sentidolacking a backbone or spinal column.
CategoríazoologíaThe branch of biology that studies animals
ContrariovertebradoHaving a backbone or spinal column
Inglésinvertebrate, spineless
Español > invertebrado: 3 sentidos > adjetivo 2
SentidoLacking spiny processes.
Español > invertebrado: 3 sentidos > nombre 1, animal
SentidoAny animal lacking a backbone or notochord; the term is not used as a scientific classification.
Categoría dedermatoesqueleto, exoesqueletoThe exterior protective or supporting structure or shell of many animals (especially invertebrates) including bony or horny parts such as nails or scales or hoofs
PartespatasAny of various organs of locomotion or attachment in invertebrates
peristomaregion around the mouth in various invertebrates
Específicoarthropoda, artrópodo, artrópodosinvertebrate having jointed limbs and a segmented body with an exoskeleton made of chitin
brachiopoda, braquiópodomarine animal with bivalve shell having a pair of arms bearing tentacles for capturing food
briozoosessile aquatic animal forming mossy colonies of small polyps each having a curved or circular ridge bearing tentacles
celentéreo, celentéreos, cnidarian, cnidarioradially symmetrical animals having saclike bodies with only one opening and tentacles with stinging structures
ctenóforobiradially symmetrical hermaphroditic solitary marine animals resembling jellyfishes having for locomotion eight rows of cilia arranged like teeth in a comb
echinodermata, equinodermo, equinodermosmarine invertebrates with tube feet and five-part radially symmetrical bodies
ectoproctsessile mossy aquatic animal having the anus of the polyp outside the crown of tentacles
entoproctAny of various moss-like aquatic animals usually forming branching colonies
esponja, esponjas, parazoan, porifera, poriferan, poríferos, poríforoPrimitive multicellular marine animal whose porous body is supported by a fibrous skeletal framework
forónido, phoronida, phoronidhermaphrodite wormlike animal living in mud of the sea bottom
gusano, vermeAny of numerous relatively small elongated soft-bodied animals especially of the phyla ... / phyla Annelida and Chaetognatha and Nematoda and Nemertea and Platyhelminthes
molusco, moluscosinvertebrate having a soft unsegmented body usually enclosed in a shell
rotifera, rotíferominute aquatic multicellular organisms having a ciliated wheel-like organ for feeding and locomotion
sipunculidsmall unsegmented marine worm that when disturbed retracts its anterior portion into the body giving the appearance of a peanut
zoófitoAny of various invertebrate animals resembling a plant such as a sea anemone or coral or sponge
Generalanimales, animal, bestia, criatura, fauna, resA living organism characterized by voluntary movement

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