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Español > 2 sentidos de la palabra fruto:
NOMBREplantfruto, frutathe ripened reproductive body of a seed plant
artifactfruto, producciónan amount of a product
Español > fruto: 2 sentidos > nombre 1, plant
SentidoThe ripened reproductive body of a seed plant.
Específicoaceitunasmall ovoid fruit of the European olive tree
aqueniosmall dry indehiscent fruit with the seed distinct from the fruit wall
bayaA small fruit having any of various structures, e.g., simple (grape or blueberry) or aggregate (blackberry or raspberry)
baya de cambrónfruit of various buckthorns yielding dyes or pigments
baya de enebro, enebrinaberrylike fruit of a plant of the genus Juniperus especially the berrylike cone of the common juniper
bellotafruit of the oak tree
calabazaAny of numerous inedible fruits with hard rinds
cerezaThe fruit of the wild cherry tree
drupafleshy indehiscent fruit with a single seed
escaramujoThe fruit of a rose plant
espigafruiting spike of a cereal plant especially corn
esquizocarpio, esquizocarpoA dry dehiscent fruit that at maturity splits into two or more parts each with a single seed
falso fruto, infrutescencia, pseudocarp, pseudocarpo, pseudofruto, seudocarpo, seudofrutofruit containing much fleshy tissue besides that of the ripened ovary
frutaedible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
pepita, semilla, simienteA small hard fruit
pomoA fleshy fruit (apple or pear or related fruits) having seed chambers and an outer fleshy part
quandongThe fruit of the Brisbane quandong tree
serbadecorative red berrylike fruit of a rowan tree
vainaA several-seeded dehiscent fruit as e.g. of a leguminous plant
Generalaparato reproductor, estructura reproductivaThe parts of a plant involved in its reproduction
Catalánfruita, fruit
Adjetivoafrutadotasting or smelling richly of or as of fruit
Nombresfrutero, verdulera, verduleroA person who sells fruit
Verbosfructificarbear fruit
fructificarBecome productive or fruitful
frutarbear fruit
Español > fruto: 2 sentidos > nombre 2, artifact
SentidoAn amount of a product.
Generalproducción, productoAn artifact that has been created by someone or some process
Inglésyield, fruit
Catalánfruit, producció
Verbosdar, generar, producirGive or supply
dar, devengar, pagar, producir, rendirbring in

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