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English > 4 senses of the word speck:
NOUNattributespeck, pinpointa very small spot
substancespeck, atom, molecule, particle, corpuscle, mote(nontechnical usage) a tiny piece of anything
quantityspeck, touch, hint, tinge, mite, pinch, jot, soupcona slight but appreciable amount
VERBcontactspeckproduce specks in or on
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English > speck: 4 senses > noun 1, attribute
MeaningA very small spot.
Example"the plane was just a speck in the sky"
Broaderspot, speckle, dapple, patch, fleck, maculationA small contrasting part of something
Verbsspeckproduce specks in or on
English > speck: 4 senses > noun 2, substance
Meaning(nontechnical usage) a tiny piece of anything.
Synonymsatom, molecule, particle, corpuscle, mote
NarrowerchylomicronA microscopic particle of triglycerides produced in the intestines during digestion
flyspeckA tiny dark speck made by the excrement of a fly
grainA relatively small granular particle of a substance
grindingMaterial resulting from the process of grinding
identification particleA tiny particle of material that can be added to a product to indicate the source of manufacture
Broadermaterial, stuffThe tangible / tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object
Spanishátomo, corpúsculo, insignificancia, menudencia, miaja, molécula, mota, partícula, pellizco, pizca
Catalanàtom, bocí, bri, corpuscle, engruna, espurna, mica, partícula, pessic
English > speck: 4 senses > noun 3, quantity
MeaningA slight but appreciable amount.
Synonymstouch, hint, tinge, mite, pinch, jot, soupcon
NarrowersnuffA pinch of smokeless tobacco inhaled at a single time
Broadersmall indefinite quantity, small indefinite amountAn indefinite quantity that is below average size or magnitude
English > speck: 4 senses > verb 1, contact
Meaningproduce specks in or on.
PatternSomething ----s something
Example"speck the cloth"
Broadermarkmake or leave a mark on
Nounsspecka very small spot

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