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English > 1 sense of the expression linguistic communication:
NOUNcommunicationlinguistic communication, languagea systematic means of communicating by the use of sounds or conventional symbols
English > linguistic communication: 1 sense > noun 1, communication
MeaningA systematic means of communicating by the use of sounds or conventional symbols.
Category ofaccent, accent markA diacritical mark used to indicate stress or placed above a vowel to indicate a special pronunciation
alphabetizeProvide with an alphabet
diachronic, historicalUsed of the study of a phenomenon (especially language) as it changes through time
expressive style, styleA way of expressing something (in language or art or music etc.) that is characteristic of a particular person or group of people or period
limpid, lucid, luculent, pellucid, crystal clear, perspicuous(of language) transparently clear
speech, speech communication, spoken communication, spoken language, language, voice communication, oral communication(language) communication by word of mouth
synchronicconcerned with phenomena (especially language) at a particular period without considering historical antecedents
uncorrupted, undefiled(of language) not having its purity or excellence debased
well-turned(of language) aptly and pleasingly expressed
Narrowerartificial languageA language that is deliberately created for a specific purpose
barrage, bombardment, outpouring, onslaughtThe rapid and continuous delivery of linguistic communication (spoken or written)
dead languageA language that is no longer learned as a native language
indigenous languageA language that originated in a specified place and was not brought to that place from elsewhere
lingua franca, interlanguage, koineA common language used by speakers of different languages
metalanguageA language that can be used to describe languages
native languageThe language that a person has spoken from earliest childhood
natural language, tongueA human written or spoken language used by a community
object language, target languageThe language into which a text written in another language is to be translated
sign language, signinglanguage expressed by visible hand gestures
slanguagelanguage characterized by excessive use of slang or cant
source languageA language that is to be translated into another language
string of words, word string, linguistic stringA linear sequence of words as spoken or written
superstrate, superstratumThe language of a later invading people that is imposed on an indigenous population and contributes features to their language
usageThe customary manner in which a language (or a form of a language) is spoken or written
wordslanguage that is spoken or written
BroadercommunicationSomething that is communicated by or to or between people or groups
Spanishcomunicación lingüística, idioma, lenguaje, lengua
Catalancomunicació lingüística, idioma, llengua, llenguatge

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