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English > 2 senses of the word Judaism:
NOUNgroupJudaism, Hebraism, Jewish religionJews collectively who practice a religion based on the Torah and the Talmud
cognitionJudaismthe monotheistic religion of the Jews having its spiritual and ethical principles embodied chiefly in the Torah and in the Talmud
Judaism > pronunciation
Soundsjhuw'deyih.zahm; jhuw'diyih.zahm
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English > Judaism: 2 senses > noun 1, group
MeaningJews collectively who practice a religion based on the Torah and the Talmud.
SynonymsHebraism, Jewish religion
Part ofJewryJews collectively
NarrowerConservative JudaismJews who keep some of the requirements of the Mosaic law but allow for adaptation of other requirements (as some of the dietary laws) to fit modern circumstances
Orthodox Judaism, Jewish OrthodoxyJews who strictly observe the Mosaic law as interpreted in the Talmud
Reform JudaismThe most liberal Jews
Broaderreligion, faith, organized religionAn institution to express belief in a divine power
Spanishhebraísmo, judaísmo
Catalanhebraisme, judaisme
AdjectivesJudaicalof or relating to or characteristic of the Jews or their culture or religion
English > Judaism: 2 senses > noun 2, cognition
MeaningThe monotheistic religion of the Jews having its spiritual and ethical principles embodied chiefly in the Torah and in the Talmud.
Category ofArk, Ark of the Covenant(Judaism) sacred chest where the ancient Hebrews kept the two tablets containing the Ten Commandments
Cabalist, KabbalistA student of the Jewish Kabbalah
Fast of Esther(Judaism) a minor fast day on Adar 13 commemorates three days that Esther fasted before approaching the Persian king on behalf of the Jewish people
Fast of Gedaliah(Judaism) a minor fast day on Tishri 3 that commemorates the killing of the Jewish governor of Judah
Fast of Tammuz(Judaism) a minor fast day on Tammuz 17 when the walls of Jerusalem were breached
Fast of Tevet(Judaism) a minor fast day on Tevet 10 commemorates the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem and has also been proclaimed a memorial day for the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust
Fast of the Firstborn(Judaism) a minor fast day on Nissan 14 that is observed only by firstborn males
Hallel(Judaism) a chant of praise (Psalms 113 through 118) used at Passover and Shabuoth and Sukkoth and Hanukkah and Rosh Hodesh
Hanukkah, Hanukah, Hannukah, Chanukah, Chanukkah, Channukah, Channukkah, Festival of Lights, Feast of Lights, Feast of Dedication, Feast of the Dedication(Judaism) an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem in 165 BC
Jewish calendar, Hebrew calendar(Judaism) the calendar used by the Jews
Jewish rye bread, Jewish rye(Judaism) bread made with rye flour
Kabbalah, Kabbala, Kabala, Cabbalah, Cabbala, Cabala, Qabbalah, QabbalaAn esoteric theosophy of rabbinical origin based on the Hebrew scriptures and developed between the 7th and 18th centuries
Kabbalism, CabalismThe doctrines of the Kabbalah
Lag b'Omer(Judaism) Jewish holy day
Megillah(Judaism) the scroll of parchment that contains the biblical story of Esther
Menorah(Judaism) a candelabrum with seven branches used in ceremonies to symbolize the seven days of Creation
Midrash(Judaism) an ancient commentary on part of the Hebrew scriptures that is based on Jewish methods of interpretation and attached to the biblical text
Passover, Pesach, Pesah, Feast of the Unleavened Bread(Judaism) a Jewish festival (traditionally 8 days from Nissan 15) celebrating the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt
Purim(Judaism) a Jewish holy day commemorating their deliverance from massacre by Haman
Rosh Hashanah, Rosh Hashana, Rosh Hashonah, Rosh Hashona, Jewish New Year(Judaism) a solemn Jewish feast day celebrated on the 1st or 1st and 2nd of Tishri
Rosh Hodesh, Rosh Chodesh(Judaism) the beginning of each month in the Jewish calendar
SabbatarianOne who observes Saturday as the Sabbath (as in Judaism)
Seder, Passover supper(Judaism) the ceremonial dinner on the first night (or both nights) of Passover
Shavous, Shabuoth, Shavuoth, Shavuot, Pentecost, Feast of Weeks(Judaism) Jewish holy day celebrated on the sixth of Sivan to celebrate Moses receiving the Ten Commandments
Shimchath Torah, Simchat Torah, Simhath Torah, Simhat Torah, Simchas Torah, Rejoicing over the Law, Rejoicing of the Law, Rejoicing in the Law(Judaism) a Jewish holy day celebrated on the 22nd or 23rd of Tishri to celebrate the completion of the annual cycle of readings / readings of the Torah
Succoth, Sukkoth, Succos, Feast of Booths, Feast of Tabernacles, TabernaclesA major Jewish festival beginning on the eve of the 15th of Tishri and commemorating the shelter of the Israelites during their 40 years in the wilderness
Tabernacle(Judaism) a portable sanctuary in which the Jews carried the Ark of the Covenant on their exodus
Talmudic literature(Judaism) ancient rabbinical writings
Tishah b'Av, Tishah b'Ab, Tisha b'Av, Tisha b'Ab, Ninth of Av, Ninth of Ab, Fast of Av, Fast of Ab(Judaism) a major fast day on the Jewish calendar commemorating the destruction of the temples in Jerusalem
Torah(Judaism) the scroll of parchment on which the first five books of the Hebrew Scripture is written
Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement(Judaism) a solemn and major fast day on the Jewish calendar
aliyah(Judaism) immigration of Jews to Israel
aliyah(Judaism) the honor of being called up to the reading desk in the synagogue to read from the Torah
bar mitzvah(Judaism) an initiation ceremony marking the 13th birthday of a Jewish boy and signifying the beginning of religious responsibility
bat mitzvah, bath mitzvah, bas mitzvah(Judaism) an initiation ceremony marking the 12th birthday of a Jewish girl and signifying the beginning of religious responsibility
blintz, blintze(Judaism) thin pancake folded around a filling and fried or baked
challah, hallah(Judaism) a loaf of white bread containing eggs and leavened with yeast
dybbuk, dibbuk(Jewish folklore) a demon that enters the body of a living person and controls that body's behavior
golem(Jewish folklore) an artificially created human being that is given life by supernatural means
holy of holies, sanctum sanctorum(Judaism) sanctuary comprised of the innermost chamber of the Tabernacle in the temple of Solomon where the Ark of the Covenant was kept
kishke, stuffed derma(Judaism) roasted fowl intestines with a seasoned filling of matzo meal and suet
kosher, cosherconforming to dietary laws
menorah(Judaism) a candelabrum with nine branches
mikvah(Hebrew) a ritual / ritual purification and cleansing bath that Orthodox Jews take on certain occasions (as before Sabbath or after menstruation)
mitzvah, mitsvah(Judaism) a good deed performed out of religious duty
mitzvah, mitsvah(Judaism) a precept or commandment / commandment of the Jewish law
nonkosher, tref, terefahnot conforming to dietary laws
phylactery, tefillin(Judaism) either of two small leather cases containing texts from the Hebrew Scriptures (known collectively as tefillin)
prayer shawl, tallith, tallis(Judaism) a shawl with a ritually knotted fringe at each corner
shiva, shivah, shibah(Judaism) a period of seven days of mourning / mourning after the death of close relative
synagogue, temple, tabernacle(Judaism) the place of worship for a Jewish congregation
NarrowerConservative Judaismbeliefs and practices of Conservative Jews
Orthodox Judaismbeliefs and practices of a Judaic sect that strictly observes Mosaic law
Reform Judaismbeliefs and practices of Reform Jews
Broadermonotheismbelief in a single God
AdjectivesJudaic, Judaicalof or relating to or characteristic of the Jews or their culture or religion
Judeo-Christianbeing historically related to both Judaism and Christianity
Orthodox, Jewish-Orthodoxof or pertaining to or characteristic of Judaism

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