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English > 5 senses of the word conserve:
VERBstativeconservekeep constant through physical or chemical reactions or evolutionary change
possessionconserve, preserve, maintain, keep upkeep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction
possessionconserve, husband, economize, economiseuse cautiously and frugally
changeconservepreserve with sugar
NOUNfoodconserve, preserve, conserves, preservesfruit preserved by cooking with sugar
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English > conserve: 5 senses > noun 1, food
Meaningfruit preserved by cooking with sugar.
Synonymspreserve, conserves, preserves
Narrowerapple butterThick dark spicy puree of apples
chowchowA Chinese preserve of mixed fruits and ginger
jampreserve of crushed fruit
jellyA preserve made of the jelled juice of fruit
lemon curd, lemon cheeseA conserve with a thick consistency
marmaladeA preserve made of the pulp and rind of citrus fruits
Broaderconfiturepreserved or candied fruit
Spanishconserva, conservas
Catalanconserva, conserves
Verbsconservepreserve with sugar
English > conserve: 5 senses > verb 1, stative
MeaningKeep constant through physical or chemical reactions or evolutionary change.
PatternSomebody ----s something; Something ----s something
Example"Energy is conserved in this process"
Broaderkeep, maintain, holdKeep in a certain state, position, or activity
Nounsconservation(physics) the maintenance of a certain quantities unchanged during chemical reactions or physical transformations
English > conserve: 5 senses > verb 2, possession
MeaningKeep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction.
PatternSomebody ----s something
  • "children must be taught to conserve our national heritage"
  • "The museum curator conserved the ancient manuscripts"
Synonymspreserve, maintain, keep up
Narrowerembalmpreserve a dead body
hold the linehold the line on prices
plastinatepreserve (tissue) with plastics, as for teaching and research purposes
Broaderkeeplook after
Spanishconservar, llevar, mantener, preservar
Catalanconservar, preservar
Nounsconservationthe preservation and careful management of the environment and of natural resources
conservationan occurrence of improvement by virtue of preventing loss or injury or other change
English > conserve: 5 senses > verb 3, possession
MeaningUse cautiously and frugally.
PatternSomebody ----s something
Example "conserve your energy for the ascent to the summit"
Synonymshusband, economize, economise
Narrowerretrenchtighten one's belt
Broadersave, preserveTo keep up and reserve for personal or special use
Oppositewaste, blow, squanderspend thoughtlessly
Spanishconservar, economizar, preservar
Catalanconservar, economitzar, preservar
English > conserve: 5 senses > verb 4, change
Meaningpreserve with sugar.
PatternSomebody ----s something
Example"Mom always conserved the strawberries we grew in the backyard"
Categorycooking, cookery, preparationThe act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat
Broaderpreserve, keepprevent (food) from rotting
Spanishconservar, preservar
Catalanconservar, preservar
Nounsconservefruit preserved by cooking with sugar

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