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NOUNlocationNippon, Japan, Nihona constitutional monarchy occupying the Japanese Archipelago
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MeaningA constitutional monarchy occupying the Japanese Archipelago; a world leader in electronics and automobile manufacture and ship building.
SynonymsJapan, Nihon
Instance ofAsian country, Asian nationAny one of the nations occupying the Asian continent
MembersJapanese, NipponeseA native or inhabitant of Japan
Part ofAsiaThe largest continent with 60% of the earth's population
PartsAsahikawaA city on western Hokkaido that is the center of a fertile agricultural area
Asama, Mount AsamaA volcano in central Honshu near Nagano
Fuji, Mount Fuji, Fujiyama, Fujinoyama, Fuji-sanAn extinct volcano in south central Honshu that is the highest peak in Japan
FukuokaA city in southern Japan on Kyushu
Iwo JimaThe largest of the Volcano Islands of Japan
Kammon Strait BridgeA suspension bridge between Kyushu and Honshu
KitakyushuA Japanese city on northern Kyushu
KyotoA city in central Japan on southern Honshu
NaganoA city in central Honshu to the northwest of Tokyo
NagasakiA city in southern Japan on Kyushu
NagoyaAn industrial city in southern Honshu
Naha CityThe chief city in the Ryukyu Islands
OmiyaA city of east central Honshu
Osakaport city on southern Honshu on Osaka Bay
Ryukyu IslandsA chain of 55 islands in the western Pacific to the to the southwest of Japan (returned by United States to Japan in 1972)
SapporoA commercial city in northern Japan on western Hokkaido
Tokyo, Tokio, Yeddo, Yedo, Edo, Japanese capital, capital of JapanThe capital and largest city of Japan
ToyohashiA Japanese city in southern Honshu on the Pacific shore
ToyonakiA Japanese city in southern Honshu
ToyotaAn industrial city of Japan in southern Honshu
Volcano IslandsA group of Japanese Islands in the northwestern Pacific Ocean to the north of the Marianas
Yokohamaport city on southeastern Honshu in central Japan
Region ofAum Shinrikyo, Aum, Supreme TruthA terrorist organization whose goal is to take over Japan and then the world
Chukaku-HaAn ultra-leftist militant group founded in 1957 from the breakup of the Japanese Communist Party
Esaki, Leo Esakiphysicist honored for advances in solid state electronics (born in Japan in 1925)
JapaneseThe language (usually considered to be Altaic) spoken by the Japanese
Japanese Red Army, JRA, Anti-Imperialist International BrigadeA terrorist group organized in 1970 to overthrow the Japanese government and monarchy and to foment world revolution
Ozawa, Seiji OzawaUnited States conductor (born in Japan in 1935)
RyukyuanThe language (related to Japanese) that is spoken by the people of the Ryukyu Islands
ShingonA form of Buddhism emphasizing mystical symbolism of mantras and mudras and the Buddha's ideal which is inexpressible
acupressure, G-Jo, shiatsutreatment of symptoms by applying pressure with the fingers to specific pressure points on the body
dietA legislative assembly in certain countries (e.g., Japan)
futonmattress consisting of a pad of cotton batting that is used for sleeping on the floor or on a raised frame
go, go gameA board game for two players who place counters on a grid
harakiri, hara-kiri, harikari, seppukuritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword
jujutsu, jujitsu, jiujitsuA method of self-defense without weapons that was developed in China and Japan
kamikazeA fighter plane used for suicide missions by Japanese pilots in World War II
kamikazeA pilot trained and willing / willing to cause a suicidal crash
karateA traditional Japanese system of unarmed combat
koto playerA musician who plays the koto
misoA thick paste made from fermented soybeans and barley or rice malt
ninjutsu, ninjitsuThe traditional Japanese method of espionage
origamiThe Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing objects (e.g., flowers or birds)
prefectureThe district administered by a prefect (as in France or Japan or the Roman Empire)
sake, saki, rice beerJapanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice
sashimiVery thinly sliced raw fish
shogiA form of chess played on a board of 81 squares
shojiA translucent screen made of a wooden frame covered with rice paper
sukiyakiThin beef strips (or chicken or pork) cooked briefly at the table with onions and greens and soy sauce
sumoA Japanese form of wrestling
sumo wrestlerA wrestler who participates in sumo (a Japanese form of wrestling)
sushirice (with raw fish) wrapped in seaweed
tea ceremony, chanoyuAn ancient ritual for preparing and serving and drinking tea
tempuravegetables and seafood dipped in batter and deep-fried
wasabiThe thick green root of the wasabi plant that the Japanese use in cooking and that tastes like strong horseradish
yakuzaorganized crime in Japan
yakuzaA Japanese gangster
SpanishJapan, Japón, Nihon

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