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English > 2 senses of the word dissembling:
NOUNcommunicationdissembling, pretense, pretence, feigningpretending with intention to deceive / deceive
actdissembling, deception, deceit, dissimulationthe act of deceiving / deceiving
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English > dissembling: 2 senses > noun 1, communication
Meaningpretending with intention to deceive / deceive.
Synonymspretense, pretence, feigning
Narrowerbluffpretense that your position is stronger than it really is
hypocrisy, lip serviceAn expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction
pretext, stalking-horseSomething serving to conceal plans
Broadermisrepresentation, deceit, deceptionA misleading falsehood
Spanishapariencia, disimulo, fingimiento, pretensión
Verbsdissemblemake believe with the intent to deceive / deceive
English > dissembling: 2 senses > noun 2, act
MeaningThe act of deceiving / deceiving.
Synonymsdeception, deceit, dissimulation
Narrowerbluff, four flushThe act of bluffing in poker
cheat, cheatingA deception for profit to yourself
delusion, illusion, head gameThe act of deluding
duplicity, double-dealingActing in bad faith
fakeryThe act of faking / faking (or the product of faking / faking)
imposture, impersonationpretending to be another person
indirectiondeceitful action that is not straightforward
obscurantismA deliberate act intended to make something obscure
pretense, pretence, pretending, simulation, feigningThe act of giving a false / false / false appearance
take-inThe act of taking in as by fooling or cheating or swindling someone
trickery, chicanery, chicane, guile, wile, shenaniganThe use of tricks to deceive someone (usually to extract money from them)
Broaderfalsification, misrepresentationA willful perversion of facts
Spanishdisimulación, engaño, fingimiento, fraude
Catalandissimulació, engany, fingiment

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