HyperDic: conceptualize

English > 1 sense of the word conceptualize:
VERBcreationconceptualize, gestate, conceive, conceptualisehave the idea for
English > conceptualize: 1 sense > verb 1, creation
MeaningHave the idea for.
PatternSomebody ----s something; Somebody ----s PP
ModelDid he conceptualize his major works over a short period of time?
Synonymsgestate, conceive, conceptualise
Narrowerdesignconceive or fashion in the mind
discover, findmake a discovery, make a new finding
preconceiveconceive beforehand
Broadercreate by mental act, create mentallyCreate mentally and abstractly rather than with one's hands
Spanishconcebir, idear
Catalanconcebre, conceptualitzar, idear
Adjectivesconceptualbeing or characterized by concepts or their formation
Nounsconceptan abstract or general idea inferred / inferred / inferred / inferred or derived from specific instances
conceptualizationinventing or contriving an idea or explanation and formulating it mentally
conceptualizationan elaborated concept

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