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Català > 3 sentits de la paraula serra / Serra:
NOMobjectserra, serraladaa series of hills or mountains
person SerraSpanish missionary who founded Franciscan missions in California (1713-1784)
artifactserrahand tool having a toothed blade for cutting
Català > serra: 3 sentits > nom 1, object
SentitA series of hills or mountains.
EspècimensAdirondack MountainsA mountain range in northeastern New York State
Alps, Els AlpsA large mountain system in south-central Europe
AndesA mountain range in South America running 5000 miles along the Pacific coast
ApeninsA mountain range extending the length of the Italian peninsula
Black Hillsmountains in southwestern South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming
Blue Ridge, Muntanyes de Blue RidgeA range of the Appalachians extending from southern Pennsylvania to northern Georgia
CarpatsA mountain range in central Europe that extends from Slovakia and southern Poland southeastward through western Ukraine to northeastern Romania
Catskill MountainsA range of the Appalachians to the west of the Hudson in southeastern New York
CaucasThe mountain range in Caucasia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea that forms part of the traditional border between Europe and Asia
Great Dividing Range, Serralades AustralianesA mountain range running along the eastern coast of Australia
Himalaia, HimalayaA mountain range extending 1500 miles on the border between India and Tibet
Hindu KushA mountain range extending to the west of the Himalayas
KunlunA mountain range in western China that extends eastward from the Indian border for 1000 miles
Mont CarmelA mountain range in northwestern Israel near the Mediterranean coast
PamirA mountain range in central Asia that is centered in Tajikistan but extends into Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan and Pakistan and western China
Pirineu, PirineusA chain of mountains between France and Spain
Rocky MountainsThe chief mountain range of western North America
Serra Nevada, Sierra NevadaA mountain range in southern Spain along the Mediterranean coast to the east of Granada
Serralada dels BalcansThe major mountain range of Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula
Sierra Madre OrientalA mountain range in northeastern Mexico the runs parallel to the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico
Sierra NevadaA mountain range in eastern California
Teton RangeA mountain range in northwest Wyoming
Tien ShanA major mountain range of central Asia
UralsA mountain range in western Russia extending from the Arctic to the Caspian Sea
serraladaA range of mountains (usually with jagged peaks and irregular outline)
Partscollada, osca, pas, port de muntanya, portThe location in a range of mountains of a geological formation that is lower than the surrounding peaks
massísA block of the earth's crust bounded by faults and shifted to form peaks of a mountain range
Generalformació geològica(geology) the geological features of the earth
Anglèsrange, mountain range, range of mountains, chain, mountain chain, chain of mountains
Espanyolcadena montañosa, cordillera, sierra
Català > Serra: 3 sentits > nom 1, person
SentitSpanish missionary who founded Franciscan missions in California (1713-1784).
Espècimen demissionersomeone sent on a mission / mission--especially a religious or charitable mission to a foreign country
AnglèsSerra, Junipero Serra, Miguel Jose Serra
EspanyolJunipero Serra, Serra
Català > serra: 3 sentits > nom 2, artifact
Sentithand tool having a toothed blade for cutting.
PartsdentSomething resembling the tooth of an animal
Específicserra de metalls, serra per a metallsSaw used with one hand for cutting metal
xerracA saw used with one hand for cutting wood
Generaleina manualA tool used with workers' hands
Verbsserrar, xerracarcut with a saw

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