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Català > 2 sentits de la paraula rapaç:
ADJECTIUallrapaç, depredador, predadorliving by preying on other animals especially by catching living prey
allrapaç, voraçexcessively greedy and grasping
Català > rapaç: 2 sentits > adjectiu 1
SentitLiving by preying on other animals especially by catching living prey.
Sinònimsdepredador, predador
GeneralagressiuHaving or showing determination and energetic / energetic pursuit of your ends
Anglèspredatory, rapacious, raptorial, ravening, vulturine, vulturous
Espanyoldepredador, predador, rapaz
Nomsocell de presa, ocell rapaç, ocell rapinyaire, rapinyaire, raptorAny of numerous carnivorous birds that hunt and kill other animals
voltorAny of various large diurnal birds of prey having naked heads and weak claws / claws and feeding chiefly on carrion
Català > rapaç: 2 sentits > adjectiu 2
Sentitexcessively greedy and grasping.
Generalacaparador, cobdicióseager to acquire and possess things especially material possessions or ideas
Anglèsrapacious, ravening, voracious
Espanyolrapaz, voraz
Nomsavarícia, avaritia, cobdíciareprehensible acquisitiveness
cobdíciaAn excessive desire for wealth (usually in large amounts)

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