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Català > 2 sentits de la paraula generalment:
ADVERBIallgeneralment, comunament, habitualment, normalment, ordinàriament, usualmentunder normal conditions
allgeneralment, en generalwithout distinction of one from others
Català > generalment: 2 sentits > adverbi 1
SentitUnder normal conditions.
Sinònimscomunament, habitualment, normalment, ordinàriament, usualment
ContrariinusualmentTo a remarkable degree or extent
Anglèsnormally, usually, unremarkably, commonly, ordinarily
Espanyolcomúnmente, corrientemente, cotidianamente, de costumbre, diariamente, generalmente, habitualmente, mundanamente, normalmente, ordinariamente, popularmente, predeciblemente, rutinariamente, usualmente
Adjectiuscomú, habitual, normal, usualOccurring or encountered or experienced or observed frequently or in accordance with regular practice or procedure
comúHaving no special distinction or quality
quotidià, rutinariFound in the ordinary course of events
Català > generalment: 2 sentits > adverbi 2
SentitWithout distinction of one from others.
Sinònimen general
Contrariconcretament, específicamentIn distinction from others
Anglèsgenerally, in general, in the main
Espanyolen general, generalmente
Adjectiusgeneralapplying to all or most members of a category / category or group

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