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Català > 4 sentits de l'expressió en general:
ADVERBIallen generalusually
allen general, generalmentwithout distinction of one from others
allen generalincluding all
allen generalwith everything considered (and neglecting details)
Català > en general: 4 sentits > adverbi 1
Sentitusually; as a rule.
Anglèsby and large, generally, more often than not, mostly
Espanyolen general, generalmente
Català > en general: 4 sentits > adverbi 2
SentitWithout distinction of one from others.
Contrariconcretament, específicamentIn distinction from others
Anglèsgenerally, in general, in the main
Espanyolen general, generalmente
Adjectiusgeneralapplying to all or most members of a category / category or group
Català > en general: 4 sentits > adverbi 3
SentitIncluding all.
Anglèsacross the board
Adjectiusampli, complet, general, globalBroad in scope or content
Català > en general: 4 sentits > adverbi 4
SentitWith everything considered (and neglecting details).
Anglèsall in all, on the whole, altogether, tout ensemble
Espanyolen general

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