HyperDic: equiparar

Català > 1 sentit de la paraula equiparar:
VERBcognitionequiparar, compararconsider or describe as similar, equal, or analogous
Català > equiparar: 1 sentit > verb 1, cognition
SentitConsider or describe as similar, equal, or analogous.
Generalconsiderar, estimar, jutjarGive careful consideration to
Anglèscompare, liken, equate
Espanyolcomparar, equiparar
Adjectiuscomparatiurelating to or based on or involving comparison
relatiuEstimated by comparison
Nomsacarament, confrontacióThe act of examining resemblances
comparabilitat, comparació, comparança, cotejamentQualities that are comparable / comparable
equacióThe act of regarding as equal
igual, parell, parióA person who is of equal standing with another in a group

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