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Català > 3 sentits de la paraula cosmètic:
ADJECTIUallcosmètic, decoratiu, ornamentalserving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose
allcosmèticserving an aesthetic purpose in beautifying the body
NOMartifactcosmètic, cosmètica, producte de bellesaa toiletry designed to beautify the body
Català > cosmètic: 3 sentits > adjectiu 1
SentitServing an esthetic rather than a useful purpose.
Sinònimsdecoratiu, ornamental
Anglèscosmetic, decorative, ornamental
Espanyolcosmético, decorativo, ornamental
Nomsadornament, adorn, decoració, guarniment, ornamentSomething used to beautify
decoracióAn appearance that serves to decorate and make something more attractive
ornamentalAny plant grown for its beauty or ornamental value
Verbsabillar, adornar, decorar, embellir, ornarmake more attractive by adding ornament, colour / colour, etc.
adornar, decorarProvide with decoration
adornar, decorarBe beautiful to look at
Català > cosmètic: 3 sentits > adjectiu 2
SentitServing an aesthetic purpose in beautifying the body.
GeneralestèticConcerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste
Anglèscosmetic, enhancive
Verbsdestacar, realçarmake better or more attractive
Català > cosmètic: 3 sentits > nom 1, artifact
SentitA toiletry designed to beautify the body.
Sinònimscosmètica, producte de bellesa
EspecíficdepilatoriA cosmetic for temporary removal of undesired hair
esmalt d'ungles, esmalt, pinta-ungles, pintaunglesA cosmetic lacquer that dries quickly and that is applied to the nails to color / color them or make them shiny / shiny
maquillatgecosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance
Generalarticle de tocadorartifacts used in making your toilet (washing and taking care of your body)
Espanyolcosmético, producto de belleza

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