HyperDic: abrasiu

Català > 2 sentits de la paraula abrasiu:
ADJECTIUallabrasiucausing abrasion
NOMsubstanceabrasiua substance that abrades or wears down
Català > abrasiu: 2 sentits > adjectiu 1
SentitCausing abrasion.
GeneralaspreHaving or caused by an irregular surface
Anglèsabrasive, scratchy
NomsabrasiuA substance that abrades or wears down
abrasió, esgarrapada, esgarrinxada, rascadaAn abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off
Verbsfregarrub hard or scrub
Català > abrasiu: 2 sentits > nom 1, substance
SentitA substance that abrades or wears down.
Específicllana d'acerA mass of woven steel fibers used as an abrasive
paper de vidreStiff paper coated / coated with powdered emery or sand
Generalmaterial, matèriaThe tangible / tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object
Anglèsabrasive, abradant, abrasive material
Espanyolabrasivo, material abrasivo
AdjectiusabrasiuCausing abrasion

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