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Español > 3 sentidos de la palabra bacterias:
NOMBREanimalbacterias, bacteria(microbiology) single-celled or noncellular spherical or spiral or rod-shaped organisms lacking chlorophyll that reproduce by fission
animalbacterias, género de bacteriasa genus of bacteria
animalbacterias, familia de bacteriasa family of bacteria
Español > bacterias: 3 sentidos > nombre 1, animal
Sentido(microbiology) single-celled or noncellular spherical or spiral or rod-shaped organisms lacking chlorophyll that reproduce by fission; important as pathogens and for biochemical properties; taxonomy is difficult; often considered to be plants.
Categoría debiorremediaciónThe act of treating waste or pollutants by the use of microorganisms (as bacteria) that can break down the undesirable substances
CategoríamicrobiologíaThe branch of biology that studies microorganisms and their effects on humans
EspecíficoacidófiloAn organism that thrives in a relatively acid environment
alimento probiótico, probióticoA beneficial bacterium found in the intestinal tract of healthy mammals
baciloAny rod-shaped bacterium
bacteroideA rodlike bacterium (especially any of the rod-shaped or branched bacteria in the root nodules of nitrogen-fixing plants)
diplococoGram-positive bacteria usually occurring in pairs
eubacteria, eubacterias, eubacteriumA large group of bacteria having rigid cell walls
gonococoThe pus-producing bacterium that causes gonorrhea
legionellaThe motile aerobic rod-shaped Gram-negative bacterium that thrives in central heating and air conditioning systems and can cause Legionnaires' disease
Generalmicroorganismo, microorganismosAny organism of microscopic size
Inglésbacteria, bacterium
Catalánbacteri, bacteris, eubacteri
Adjetivobacteriano, bacteriológicorelating to or caused by bacteria
bacteroidalresembling bacteria
Español > bacterias: 3 sentidos > nombre 2, animal
SentidoA genus of bacteria.
Sinónimogénero de bacterias
Específicoaerobacter, Aerobacter, género Aerobacter, genus aerobacteraerobic bacteria widely distributed in nature
agrobacterium, genus agrobacteriumsmall motile bacterial rods that can reduce nitrates and cause galls on plant stems
bacteroides, genus bacteroidestype genus of Bacteroidaceae
familia Nitrobacteriaceae, family nitrobacteriaceae, nitrobacteriaceae, Nitrobacteriaceaeusually rod-shaped bacteria that oxidize ammonia or nitrites
genus bacillustype genus of the Bacillaceae
genus borreliasmall flexible parasitic spirochetes having three to five wavy spirals
genus chlamydiatype genus of the family Chlamydiaceae
genus clostridiumanaerobic or micro-aerophilic rod-shaped or spindle-shaped saprophytes
genus diplococcusA genus of bacteria
genus erwiniaA genus of bacteria
genus leptospiraVery slender aerobic spirochetes
genus mycoplasmatype and sole genus of the family Mycoplasmataceae
genus rhizobium, rhizobiumThe type genus of Rhizobiaceae
genus rickettsiaCan cause typhus and Rocky Mountain spotted fever in humans
genus staphylococcusIncludes many pathogenic species
genus streptococcusA genus of bacteria
genus treponematype genus of Treponemataceae
genus trichodesmiumA genus of blue-green algae
genus xanthomonas, xanthomonasA genus of bacteria similar to Pseudomonas but producing a yellow pigment that is not soluble in water
género Actinomyces, genus actinomycestype genus of the family Actinomycetaceae
género Escherichia, genus escherichiaA genus of bacteria
género KlebsiellaA genus of bacteria
género Lactobacillus, genus lactobacillustype genus of the family Lactobacillaceae
género Micrococcus, genus micrococcus, micrococcus, Micrococcus, micrococotype genus of the family Micrococcaceae
género Mycobacterium, genus mycobacteriumnonmotile Gram-positive aerobic bacteria
género Nitrobacter, genus nitrobacter, nitrobacter, Nitrobacterrod-shaped soil bacteria
género Nitrosomonas, genus nitrosomonas, nitrosomonas, Nitrosomonasellipsoidal soil bacteria
género Nostoc, genus nostoctype genus of the family Nostocaceae
género Polyangium, genus polyangium, polyangium, Polyangiumtype genus of the family Polyangiaceae
género Pseudomonas, genus pseudomonas, pseudomonas, Pseudomonastype genus of the family Pseudomonodaceae
género Salmonella, génerp Salmonella, genus salmonellaA genus of bacteria
género Shigella, genus shigellaA genus of bacteria
género Spirillum, genus spirillumA genus of bacteria
género Spirochaeta, genus spirochaeta, spirochaeta, SpirochaetaThe type genus of the family Spirochaetaceae
género Streptomyces, genus streptomycestype genus of the family Streptomycetaceae
género Thiobacillus, genus thiobacillusA genus of bacteria
género Vibrio, genus vibrioA genus of bacteria
Generalgénero(biology) taxonomic group containing one or more species
Inglésbacteria genus
Catalánbactèries, bacteris, gènere de bactèries
Español > bacterias: 3 sentidos > nombre 3, animal
SentidoA family of bacteria.
Sinónimofamilia de bacterias
EspecíficoActinomycetaceae, familia Actinomycetaceaefilamentous anaerobic bacteria
MycobacteriaceaeA family of bacteria
Mycoplasmataceaepleomorphic Gram-negative nonmotile microorganism similar to both viruses and bacteria
atiorodáceassmall motile sulphur bacteria
baciláceas, Bacillaceae, familia Bacillaceaetypically rod-shaped usually Gram-positive bacteria that produce endospores
bacteroidáceasfamily of bacteria living usually in the alimentary canal or on mucous surfaces of warm-blooded animals
enterobacteriáceasA large family of Gram-negative rod-shaped bacteria of the order Eubacteriales
espiriláceas, familia Spirillaceae, Spirillaceaerigid spirally curved elongate bacteria
espiroquetáceaslarge coarsely spiral bacteria
esquizófitosformer terms for Cyanophyceae
familia Nostocaceae, Nostocaceaeblue-green algae
familia Oscillatoriaceae, Oscillatoriaceaeblue green algae
lactobaciláceaslactic acid bacteria and important pathogens
micrococcáceasSpherical or elliptical usually aerobic eubacteria that produce yellow or orange or red pigment
mixobacteriáceasbacteria living mostly in soils and on dung
pseudomonadíneasrod-shaped Gram-negative bacteria
rickettsiáceasmicroorganism resembling bacteria inhabiting arthropod tissues but capable of causing disease in vertebrates
rizobiáceasA small family of rod-shaped bacteria
tiobacteriáceasFree-living coccoid to rod-shaped bacteria that derive energy from oxidizing sulfur or sulfur compounds
treponematáceassmall spirochetes some parasitic or pathogenic
Generalfamilia, família, familiar(biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more genera
Inglésbacteria family

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