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NOUNfoodorgans, variety meatedible viscera of a butchered animal
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English > organs: 1 sense > noun 1, food
Meaningedible viscera of a butchered animal.
Synonymvariety meat
NarrowerbrainThe brain of certain animals used as meat
chitterlings, chitlins, chitlingssmall intestines of hogs prepared as food
giblet, gibletsedible viscera of a fowl
hasletheart and liver and other edible viscera especially of hogs
heartA firm rather dry variety meat (usually beef or veal)
liverliver of an animal used as meat
neck sweetbread, throat sweetbreadedible thymus gland of an animal
offalviscera and trimmings of a butchered animal often considered inedible by humans
stomach sweetbreadedible pancreas of an animal
sweetbread, sweetbreadsedible glands of an animal
tongueThe tongue of certain animals used as meat
tripeLining of the stomach of a ruminant (especially a bovine) used as food
BroadermeatThe flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food
Spanishentrañas, vísceras
Catalanentranyes, vísceres

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