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English > 1 sense of the word impartiality:
NOUNcognitionimpartiality, nonpartisanshipan inclination to weigh both views or opinions equally
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English > impartiality: 1 sense > noun 1, cognition
MeaningAn inclination to weigh both views or opinions equally.
Narrowerdisinterestednessfreedom from bias or from selfish motives
fairness, fair-mindedness, candor, candourability to make judgments free from discrimination or dishonesty
Broaderinclination, disposition, tendencyAn attitude of mind especially one that favors one alternative over others
Oppositepartiality, partisanshipAn inclination to favor / favor one group or view or opinion over alternatives
Spanishecuanimidad, equidad, imparcialidad
Catalanequanimitat, imparcialitat
Adjectivesimpartialshowing lack of favoritism
impartialfree from undue bias or preconceived opinions

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