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English > 4 senses of the word undue:
ADJECTIVEallunduenot yet payable
allunduenot appropriate or proper (or even legal) in the circumstances
allundue, unjustified, unwarrantedlacking justification or authorization
allundue, excessive, inordinate, unreasonablebeyond normal limits
undue > pronunciation
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English > undue: 4 senses > adjective 1
Meaningnot yet payable.
Example"an undue loan"
Oppositedueowed and payable immediately or on demand
Adverbsundulyto an undue degree
English > undue: 4 senses > adjective 2
Meaningnot appropriate or proper (or even legal) in the circumstances.
  • "undue influence"
  • "I didn't want to show undue excitement"
  • "accused of using undue force"
Categorylaw, jurisprudenceThe collection of rules imposed by authority
OppositedueSuitable to or expected in the circumstances
English > undue: 4 senses > adjective 3
Meaninglacking justification or authorization.
Example"desire for undue private profit"
Synonymsunjustified, unwarranted
Broaderunreasonablenot reasonable
Spanishindebido, injustificado
English > undue: 4 senses > adjective 4
MeaningBeyond normal limits.
Example "his dress stops just short of undue elegance"
Synonymsexcessive, inordinate, unreasonable
BroaderimmoderateBeyond reasonable limits

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