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English > 4 senses of the word blubber:
NOUNsubstanceblubberan insulating layer of fat under the skin of whales and other large marine mammals
attributeblubber, fatness, fat, avoirdupoisexcess bodily weight
VERBbodyblubber, snivel, sniffle, blub, snufflecry or whine with snuffling
communicationblubber, blubber oututter while crying
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English > blubber: 4 senses > noun 1, substance
MeaningAn insulating layer of fat under the skin of whales and other large marine mammals; used as a source of oil.
Broaderanimal oilAny oil obtained from animal substances
Spanishgrasa de ballena
Catalangreix de balena
English > blubber: 4 senses > noun 2, attribute
Meaningexcess bodily weight.
Synonymsfatness, fat, avoirdupois
Narrowerabdominousness, paunchinessThe bodily property of a protruding belly
adiposity, adiposeness, fattinessHaving the property of containing fat
fleshiness, obesity, corpulencyMore than average fatness
greasiness, oiliness, oleaginousnessConsisting of or covered with oil
steatopygiaAn extreme accumulation of fat on the buttocks
Broaderbodily propertyAn attribute of the body
Oppositeleanness, thinness, sparenessThe property of having little body fat
Spanishadiposidad, corpulencia, gordura, grasa
Adjectivesblubberyswollen with fat
English > blubber: 4 senses > verb 1, body
Meaningcry or whine with snuffling.
PatternSomebody ----s
ModelSam and Sue blubber
Synonymssnivel, sniffle, blub, snuffle
Broadercry, weepshed tears because of sadness, rage, or pain
Spanishgimotear, llorar, lloriquear, resollar, sollozar
Nounsblubberersomeone who sniffles and weeps with loud sobs
English > blubber: 4 senses > verb 2, communication
MeaningUtter while crying.
PatternSomebody ----s something; Somebody ----s that CLAUSE
Synonymblubber out
Broadertalk, speak, utter, mouth, verbalize, verbaliseExpress in speech
Catalanparlar en plors, plorinyar, somicar

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