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Català > 2 sentits de la paraula mobilitat:
NOMattributemobilitatthe quality of moving freely
attributemobilitatthe quality of being movable / movable
Català > mobilitat: 2 sentits > nom 1, attribute
SentitThe quality of moving freely.
Específicforça motriu, locomoció, motricitatThe power or ability to move
maniobrabilitatThe quality of being maneuverable
manipulabilitatThe quality of being controllable by skilled movements of the hands
mobilitatThe quality of being movable / movable
motilitatability to move spontaneously and independently
GeneralqualitatAn essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone
ContrariimmobilitatThe quality of not moving
Adjectiuserrant, itinerant, nòmadaMigratory
mòbilmoving or capable of moving readily (especially from place to place)
Català > mobilitat: 2 sentits > nom 2, attribute
SentitThe quality of being movable / movable; capable of being moved or rearranged.
Específicamplitud, deseiximent, folga, folgança, soltesamovement or space for movement
inestabilitatThe quality of not being steady or securely fixed in place
portabilitatThe quality of being light enough to be carried
GeneralmobilitatThe quality of moving freely
Contrariinalterabilitatnot capable of being moved or rearranged
Anglèsmovability, movableness
Adjectiusmovible(of personal property as opposed to real estate) can be moved from place to place (especially carried by hand)
movible, transferible, transportablecapable of being moved or conveyed from one place to another

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