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Català > 2 sentits de la paraula currículum:
NOMcommunicationcurrículum, pla d'estudis, programa d'estudis, programaan integrated course of academic studies
communicationcurrículum, currículum vitae, cv, historiala summary of your academic and work history
Català > currículum: 2 sentits > nom 1, communication
SentitAn integrated course of academic studies.
Sinònimspla d'estudis, programa d'estudis, programa
Específiccurs ràpid i bàsicA rapid and intense course of training or research (usually undertaken in an emergency)
programa de lecturaA program designed to teach literacy skills
Generalinfo, informacióA message received and understood
Anglèscourse of study, program, programme, curriculum, syllabus
Espanyolcurrículo, curriculum, plan de estudios, programa de estudios, programa, syllabus, temario
Català > currículum: 2 sentits > nom 2, communication
SentitA summary of your academic and work history.
Sinònimscurrículum vitae, cv, historial
Generalextracte, resum, síntesi, sumariA brief statement that presents the main points in a concise form
Anglèscurriculum vitae, CV, resume
Espanyolcurrículo, currículum, curriculum, curriculum vitae, currículum vitae, cv, historial

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