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English > 4 senses of the word integrated:
ADJECTIVEallintegrated, incorporate, incorporated, merged, unifiedformed or united into a whole
allintegratedformed / formed into a whole or introduced into another entity
allintegratednot segregated
allintegrated, structuredresembling a living organism in organization or development
integrated > pronunciation
Soundsih'nahgrey.tahd; ih'nahgrey.tihd; ih'ntahgrey.tahd; ih'ntahgrey.tihd
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English > integrated: 4 senses > adjective 1
Meaningformed or united into a whole.
Synonymsincorporate, incorporated, merged, unified
BroaderunitedCharacterized by unity
Spanishincorporado, integrado, unido, unificado
English > integrated: 4 senses > adjective 2
Meaningformed / formed into a whole or introduced into another entity.
  • "a more closely integrated economic and political system"- Dwight D.Eisenhower
  • "an integrated Europe"
Narrowercoordinated, co-ordinated, interconnected, unifiedoperating as a unit
embeddedinserted as an integral part of a surrounding whole
incorporatedintroduced into as a part of the whole
introjectedincorporated unconsciously into your own psyche
tight-knit, tightly knitClosely and firmly integrated
Oppositenonintegrated, unintegratednot integrated
English > integrated: 4 senses > adjective 3
Meaningnot segregated; designated as available to all races or groups.
Example"integrated schools"
Narrowerco-ed, coeducationalattended by members of both sexes
desegrated, nonsegregated, unsegregatedRid of segregation
interracial, mixedInvolving or composed of different races
mainstreamed(of the handicapped) placed in regular school classes
See alsointegrativecombining and coordinating diverse elements into a whole
jointUnited or combined
unitedCharacterized by unity
Oppositesegregated, unintegratedseparated or isolated / isolated from others or a main group
English > integrated: 4 senses > adjective 4
Meaningresembling a living organism in organization or development.
Example"society as an integrated whole"
BroaderorganicBeing or relating to or derived from or having properties characteristic of living organisms

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