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Español > 3 sentidos de la palabra sarpullido:
NOMBREstatesarpullido, eflorescencia, erupción, grano, irritaciónany red eruption of the skin
statesarpullido, dermatitisinflammation of the skin
statesarpullido, erupción, granosymptom consisting of a breaking out and becoming visible
Español > sarpullido: 3 sentidos > nombre 1, state
SentidoAny red eruption of the skin.
Sinónimoseflorescencia, erupción, grano, irritación
EspecíficomiliariaObstruction of the sweat ducts during high heat and humidity
urticariaAn itchy skin eruption characterized by weals with pale interiors and well-defined red margins
Generalerupción, grano, sarpullidosymptom consisting of a breaking out and becoming visible
Inglésrash, roseola, efflorescence, skin rash
Catalánerupció, gra, roseola, rosèola
Español > sarpullido: 3 sentidos > nombre 2, state
Sentidoinflammation of the skin; skin becomes itchy and may develop blisters.
Específicocostra lácteaA dermatitis of the scalp that is common in infants
dermatitis actínicadermatitis caused exposure to sunlight
dermatitis atópica, eccema atópicoA severe form of dermatitis characterized by atopy
dermatitis de contacto, dermatitis venanata, eccema de contactoA delayed type of allergic reaction of the skin resulting from skin contact with a specific allergen (such as poison ivy)
dermatitis esquistosómicaA sensitization reaction to repeated invasion of the skin by cercariae of schistosomes
neurodermatitisdermatitis in which localized areas (especially the forearms or back of the neck or outer part of the ankle) itch persistently
Generaleccema, eczemageneric term for inflammatory conditions of the skin
Español > sarpullido: 3 sentidos > nombre 3, state
Sentidosymptom consisting of a breaking out and becoming visible.
Sinónimoserupción, grano
Específicoeflorescencia, erupción, grano, irritación, sarpullidoAny red eruption of the skin
exantemaeruption on the skin occurring as a symptom of a disease
Generalsíntoma(medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease
Catalánerupció, gra

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